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Update 2.116 discussion


I'd like to ask what are the major changes, if any, planned for 2020? - I know a road map is not really feasible, but a basic idea of what we can expect would be nice. For example, in 2019, we saw HTML 9 fort battles and updated crafting as the primary changes. What changes on those lines can the community expect in 2020?


The West Team
More achievements, for one. Some have already been added with the new update, but I can't share any more than that unfortunately. We do have multiple things planned though.


Lance Corporal
More achievements that gives nothing.. idk how that helps with anything..

Will be glad if InnoGames somehow remembers its promise for Soldier & Adventurer class bonuses rework at the very least.
Apart from all other PvP imbalance/out-of-date issues that is.

Then of course, lots of people still awaiting a mobile version.. to restart playing/play full-time or so.
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Former Team Member
Ideally the initial focus of 2020 would be on bringing existing features up to date. I'd probably even be overjoyed at this point with even just a fleeting remark about how the management are actually aware of the imbalances in their game.

Multiple minor new features with no actual bearing on the gameplay experience are maybe slightly contradictory to the "finished product" development stance we got last year, and should come only when the existing game is at a good standard.

A proper mobile version would be game changing, but I've been hoping for that for long enough to realise it's never happening.

I'm sure someone out there will have fun collecting more achievements though.


From what I have seen, the game is becoming terrible for everyone. People have to spend a lot of time and effort just to make good battles to happen. One guy (an idiot in retrospect) spent 7 whole hours of his weekend spamming just to get more fighters for his battles.

One of my friends had a great point

"its not our job to make the game better...its the mods and developers....we just enjoy it..."

I know there are a limited amount of resources, but I'd prefer all those resources went into trying to make things better and simpler - for example, into a project that doesn't require players to labor so hard on all servers just to make battles fun. That alone will reap dividends for all stakeholders concerned.


Lance Corporal
Yea too much effort, and stress of dealing with people and other stuff (which promises absolute no guarantee that will work)
And that's just Fort Battles part. Almost all features of the game becoming/became like it.
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i am happy for the new achievements, hopefully we can get also new ones for battles, adventures etc..


Lance Corporal
I mean, I still think that Achievements without any proper reward is useless and pointless (and waste of Development time!) but I agree with you on Ranks part.


Lance Corporal
How about achievements (and rewards) for Building Forts, and/or for adding there "useful" products & money?

Of course building (Forts, Towns etc) could give some real Xp.
Not some funny amount that is more annoying than 0.

Now these would be something.