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Update 2.102 discussion


Former Team Member
I'm slightly confused, are we apparently incapable of figuring out what town we are in on the map at any given time, or is the town an item was sold from added to the listing?

"Town name in market window"
Instead of this, I'd prefer to see if the item was put on World/Ally or Town market.
Yeah personally this won't do anything for me, you can click on things to see the town easily enough, however town/alliance/world market would be a feature worth adding. Nice to see the market getting the tiniest piece of attention after what feels like 10 years of it being sub-par.

Is it possible to add the number of cinema watches to the player statistics?
Absolutely possible, they're obviously being tracked back-end since there's achievements associated with it.
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Private First Class
In the anouncement is mentioned, that the pieces of the letter are autionable, but they aren't. And the droprate is extremely low, with 300 energy only 7 dropped.


Former Team Member
We both are aware of the script I think, but seems like the new development direction is to incorporate useful script features into the base game, and this one would would be useful.


Staff Sergeant
We hope to have that fixed soon.

Why not use the item? :)
At lvl 150 atm not need more exp and for farming tubes, don't need motivations, only energy, so I want save some for later when I can fully use it :) But for who are need exp, they maybe use it.

Edit: About "The envelop" or glass tube, any chance we can buy somehow more from UP Shop, like last time? Didn't got enough from tubes to complete collecting cards set.
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At the moment it is impossible for us to know how many collector cards we have. Just waiting for the related success.

Would it be possible to remedy this and make the images appear only when we get them?

I know that with the script you can tell, but not everyone has it.


The West Team
The stamps you're missing should be greyed out, but in this case it might not be obvious which one is greyed out. We'll pass this on, perhaps it can be made clearer.