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Update 2.101 discussion


People keep whining about anything those days lmao. Stop playin if you are bitchin about everything its really that simple. Especially since you have same chance to buy it as every other player.
I just find it outrageous that some sets are worth at least 1-4 full video games. A browser game isn't the same as a full game. If you think about it, I'll ask innogames. Why should I pay 80$ on a browser game that hasn't progressed much for years? When I can buy a full video game for less?

I'll make my pc and get the f out of here. Thanks to the community that kept me here, except I don't feel the same community anymore. People are busy, and many people are getting bored by this game's non-innovative approach!

The only new feature about 5 years after adventure game mode is a freakin cancel all button! It took 5 years to add a mini feature that existed on scripts. Oh, quests..... That isn't a feature, more of a let people use up their time mode. Since they have not given many features, maps of fort fights/adventures or adventure modes. They just added quests to distract players.

You know what, you are correct. I'll stop bitchin and leave you alone. That is the most likely the end point for you and most players who have invested too much.


Noone is forcing you to spend your money on those "sets worth 4 full video games" lmao. If you cant afford it, or dont want then dont do it. InnoGames games is clever, what would new feature bring to them? Not new players for sure, because browser games are "outdated" for some time already, and ppl will rather play games like Apex/Fortnite or whatever trend is. So why would InnoGames spend time to even do something like that for already low enough player base. Its sad, but its what it is. Im fine with atleast some "new" quests from time to time and im not expecting anything more at this point from tw and i think everyone should do the same. Im playin still for ppl which i still have in game atleast on my server(s) to talk with.

I dont really see any point of you and few others that are whining about everything and have some ultra high expectations from 10yo game. Go play something different if you want freq. updates/changes, dont spend moneys here on an old browser game. Really dont see point - let those who wants do it.. who cares. If InnoGames would want do some huge changes they would do it already. On our CZ servers, InnoGames (or atleast what we are told by mods) wont allow us to have migration, so we have like 4(if not more) death servers but by InnoGames games words they are "well populated and active". So yea InnoGames just dont care apparently anymore about players or bringing anything BIG NEW, but mostly about new sets only-->money gain, which i understand.

Still the-west as an old browser-game is doing kinda good imho compared to "game market". But w/e.

->I Agree game needs changes but mostly just re-balancing of FF/Classes due to new sets, and thats the best im hoping for it might happen at some point in near future.
Not to mention that i was tryin to bring some "adventurer class" rebalance for like 2 years, but i think my hope even for that is gone.