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Update 2.100 discussion

Mr. Perseus

I really don't understand why ppl expect a 3.0 here. It is obvious that they won't bring a "big update" anymore.

And for those who don't get it: each part of a version number (the number between dots) is a number itself and it's not one decimal number together.


Private First Class
I am curious what will be the 2.5221 update
Probably game won't survive until then, but who knows.

Also it seems Easter event items not becoming auctionable yet.
I hope we won't have to wait like 1.5 month we did with Valentine's..
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Does that mean we will be able to gift people nuggets? :O
No, that is not stated there, it is possible to win nuggets for your account via special international events (e.g. international fort battle championship) or events organised on a language server. Now you can an appropriate message when these nuggets are added.


I just want to give u a good tip for the next new updates where we will get new quests...
Just do it like that ;)

I mean for most people it is obvious that each new quest is bugged... But there are still some left that are trying to complete new quests in the first few days only for discovering that the new quest is bugged too.
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Since it seems that the public beta is the only testing that gets done [or else the in house testing is really incompetent] I can understand some bugs from time to time, However bugs do seem to be an ongoing issue with each and every quest lately. Including repeatables.
The thing that I find really annoying is that the bugs don't get fixed before the quests go to the regular worlds, and they have to wait around for a later update, even when the fix has been applied in beta..