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Union Pacific - feedback

Discussion in 'Version 1.X' started by kankalin, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Gosialein

    Gosialein Lance Corporal

    Jan 2, 2011
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    why not, indeed :D
  2. rc4

    rc4 Guest

    Why are there only Habanero chilis in the UP shop? It seems pretty unfair that a cook can buy his crafting product and others can't. Is this gonna be fixed?

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  3. kankalin

    kankalin Guest

    Those were left out by mistake, thanks for reminding us!
  4. sokka3u

    sokka3u Guest

    My two cents: the idea to buy with nuggets too its bad, you don't wanna see what happened to the new .ro world, where at level 1 they were equipped with items of 4k value (shawls ftw) and they had energy non stop and dueling motivation. UP sux right now, make it 5 times the cost in nuggets or eliminate the option. :up:
  5. Below me

    Below me Guest

    Just a thought !

    Why are not the 1 day premium medals availible to buy in the shop ?
    For players that are not active every day.

    For example if your premium is ending and you know you will not be playing for over a week ( vacation or something ) but you still have 2 days to play before you leave.
    Now you only have the option to buy two weeks of premium or play non premium for the two days.

    You might even make them nuggets only in the shop i know you dont want to implement the option to buy premium with ingame currency.
  6. kauri

    kauri Guest

    For what? 3 nuggets each? Since it's 50 for 14 days. That wouldn't be profitable for Innogames, you would only buy premium days on important battles or so, and not the 50 nuggets of premium.