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Union Pacific - feedback

Discussion in 'Version 1.X' started by kankalin, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. kankalin

    kankalin Guest

    Dear players,

    here you can discuss the Union Pacific shop and bunds that we've announced minutes ago in this topic.

    Please keep in mind that we are expecting valuable feedback here, not rants and reasonless complaints.
  2. Butcher Pete

    Butcher Pete Guest

    a few questions

    1 where will the shop be located(will it need to be built in town)
    2 what are the price plans for the box's
    3 u mention each box will have a list of certain items that can drop, will we be able to see that list??
    4 will bonds be auctionable on the market

    in theory it does sound pretty cool and im personally looking forward to it but the only reservation i have will be pricing,
    nuggetwise they dont want to be too cheap, and bond wise they dont want to be too expensive but i suppose only time will tell.
  3. fafer

    fafer Guest

    Your announcement and announcement made by Desi on .net forum is different. Does this mean there will be different rules here and on .net worlds?
  4. gammelnok

    gammelnok Reservist

    Apr 9, 2011
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    Initially I will say I am excited, makes it easier for town less players that choose to be town less to get a box of some kind.
    I like the idea that I can save my bonds instead of getting a box in a battle that I know contain a useless item for a level 120 (iron/wood) or most like a disappointment (steel).
    Daily duties sounds good as well even the town less can do it and it adds another thing to do.

    Looking forward to see it in action
  5. aronmc

    aronmc Guest

    I have the same questions, could anyone answer?
  6. kauri

    kauri Guest

    Wild guesses.

    1. Shop accessable upon clicking on the UPB, on the top of nuggets value.
    2. It has already been said, not too cheap nuggets-wise, and not too expensive UPB-wise.
    3. The list should be secret and become known as the different chests are opened worldwide.
    4. No, they will not be auctionable as any of the current currencies (ingame money and nuggets).
  7. the simmies

    the simmies Guest

    Sounds really great! I'm eager to see what it will be like if it's implemented. Nice idea!

    My question: You're talking about a railway. Is that thing planned to be implemented too or is that just a little fun story?
  8. tribgrep

    tribgrep Corporal

    Sep 1, 2011
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    Main Server:
    It's a fun-story right now, but you never know what will happen in the future :)
  9. Gosialein

    Gosialein Lance Corporal

    Jan 2, 2011
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    first of all, the Union Pacific Shop should be renamed, so that it's not resembling UPS delivery service
    how about Union Pacific Market, Union Pacific Warehouse, Union Pacific Vendibles or Union Pacific Emporium or some such

    as to the daily quests from the Saloon - it's a great idea (no need to travel to the village) :)
    but I think in the daily task list there should be 1 activity of each kind: 1 crafted product (introduce color of recipe), 1 NPC duel (let's say - won), 1 player duel (won), 1 daily quest (are daily quests from the village included? if not, the UP daily quest should be renamed), and I'd remove poker and add something more connected with the game, like a fort battle or maybe... laying railroad tracks? ;)
    I must say I dislike the placing of UP task list under "Reports" tab, it makes viewing of regular reports a nuisance, all that clicking through Telegrams window... why not connect it with "Work" tab, which in turn should be connected with "Premium" tab
  10. Colt Buntline

    Colt Buntline Reservist

    Dec 4, 2011
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    Tasks initially available:

    Solve 4 missions
    Dueling 4 players
    NPC launches 10 duels
    craft 3 items

    Please put one fort fight at day on those tasks.so more ppl will go to fort battles.
    For the rest,its to early to do a feedback now.need to see what we get from all those tasks.But the ideea its cool.
  11. Felicity

    Felicity Guest

    there's the same announcement in polish world
    so, I imagine, new version will coming soon.
    And in Amchitka, we don't tested it, so - WHAT are we testing?
    I tough, Amchitka - both betas servers - exist just for test new options, new ideas, before deciding if it will appear on normal worlds, or not.

    Maybe this idea of UP is good, but I'm disappointed by this "test" server:(
  12. wert718

    wert718 Guest

    Me too, considering I've been around for ages and didn't get invited (I mean, look at my join date on these forums!). :L

    Back to topic, I completed 10 NPC duels and crafted three products. No bonds yet, so I assume you get them at the end of the day?

    Please translate asap.
  13. Thanatos-.-

    Thanatos-.- Guest

    Solve 4 missions
    Dueling 4 players
    NPC launches 10 duels
    craft 3 items

    Where is the " Play 20 rounds of poker" ??
  14. kauri

    kauri Guest

    Gone, thankfully.
  15. the simmies

    the simmies Guest

    Disagree. You can get those UP points already by doing a fortfight. Even for just joining a fortfight you get one, so another one by adding fortfights to the tasks is not good, i think.
  16. wert718

    wert718 Guest

    ^Very good point. Please don't allow bonds from ffs.
  17. Colt Buntline

    Colt Buntline Reservist

    Dec 4, 2011
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    You two not doing much FB i see.What is the reason for this UPS?is to stop people quiting the game,its to make people to do something.missions,Dueling,craft,poker...why not FB?why you folks are Disagree with somethig its good for us.it's for you too :)
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2012
  18. kankalin

    kankalin Guest

    1) nope, it will work like the merchant guy who pops up on a weird location ingame, right now it can be accessed by clicking on the UPB number on top (this might change in the future)
    2) sorry, can't leak that yet
    3) nope, the list will be secret just as it was before
    4) nope, according to the current plan

    You'll already get 1 bond for participating in a battle, 1 extra for winning the battle, and then even more if you were cool, so there's no need to put that on the daily list.

    You might have misunderstood the message here. The aim of announcing it everywhere was to get ideas and feedback from players all around the world, not just the beta players, but that doesn't mean that InnoGames will release this version without testing it on the beta servers first. You will be the first to see the prices, try the shop, and give real feedback about the whole thing, so please be patient.

    We have about 10k players registered on the beta, did you really expect me to look at every player's stats and invite them one by one? :) We've announced it clearly both ingame and on the forums that you have to apply for the testing.

    As for your question: yes, you get the bonds after the day has been checked.
  19. fafnir99

    fafnir99 Guest

    Will there be UPS for this week as well?

    Cause the system is still bugged and I´m wondering if I should complete every day of this week even though there won´t be any UPS and the checkings are still wrong. (see bug forum)

    But I really like this new feature.

    Finally something which reminds me to do my daily quests :p
  20. wert718

    wert718 Guest

    Hi Mr. Joined-in-December-2011-with playerID-of-10575,

    The reason for this UPS is because TW is 4 years old and new things are needed anyway. And I go to FFs everyday, so gtfo. [​IMG] kthxbai

    I did not get any bonds on Friday for completing two out of the four things on Thursday. :/
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2012