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Travelling Fair..


I believe game has all the features it needs but almost all are/became "wasted potential"s in different ways..
Horribly outdated, imbalanced, not rewarding etc and need Revamping thanks to years of ignorance.

Like this one.. could be a good fun PvE thing but yeah.


Just another one I missed.. Because it's already filled within first hour(s) ..

Apart from that issue, rewards should be increased. So few bonds for so many products at the moment..
Building doesn't give any rewards, almost 0 xp (Sadly same with building Forts) and very few bonds too.

And.. After it opened, (tombola) rewards truly, horribly outdated (similar to rest of the game..) , and "rigged" .. Doesn't incentivize using bonds/nuggets, at all, which, I bet, you are aware of, but still.
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