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Traveling Fair



the Traveling Fair opened its doors again after overwork, but I think there are the same problems as before:

- Potion of weakness in Common -> is worth 600 bonds... should be in Rare or Very Rare!
- Blacksmith's chest in Uncommon -> should be in Rare or Very Rare!
- Parts of the Clown Set in Very Rare -> How should anyone ever get these Set completly? Why is it not seperated (hat and neckband in uncommon, shoes and belt in Rare, ...)?

And that's not all!

I think there will be some issues in the next days as well!
For example experiance-drinks, ...


Yesterday I did some spin and didn't got what I want from common category. Moving to uncommon maybe okay, but we need something at common category too, what enough good to play more than one time.
How about lowering the cost of a spin? 1 bond or even half a bond :P


Please tell something about the circus. Both beta worlds have now with many bugs. InnoGames belt is in rare cat, clown parts are sometimes in common, we haven"t seen a 25% xp pot, skilling pot were in common and in uncommon.... and in live servers the threats were spoken about the circus comes in 7-14 days after the event and that's nowhere.

So please tell us, what is happening... we are waiting for 4 mounts for it, and it seems for nothing


Private First Class
the fair is live on dutch servers, so they are available.
why are so many complaining about getting something good out of common?
you'd rather spend a lot of bonds to get the potion?
even common can be a problem to get
like chickie said....... if there is nothing in common to play for? why play, cause the higher drops are too hard to get.
why isn't anybody complaining about the third box? that is almost empty and has nothing nice in it? except 5 buffs?


The fair is active on hungaryan worlds. On world 15 (georgia) : http://prntscr.com/jdzsng
25% exp + 250 bonds + 100 bond in common cetegory

It was turned off for this case 4 months ago... (1 player scored 80 million exp in half a day.)
Nothing changed. What they did for 4 months ???
Same in .net! 2 players reached level 150 on Houston today.. Great job! Some worlds have %2 only, some of them still have 25%. Great job exactly!
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It is resetted in English worlds, but it is still active in hungaryan worlds !

(People show in chat that they have 50 InnoGames belt and 220 Exp potions today)
I see the fair is back in Enewetak. Haven't seen any announcements that it was fixed, and it looks like the latest revision of beta is about a week old, So is the fair fixed or will it be shut down again wasting peoples time working it and donating supplies?