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Traditional Pumpkin Hunt 2020 Discussion


Staff Sergeant
Yes, you will need 3 to complete the quest but you will firstly need 3 more to access the quest.
Thats the point. We need 6 for EACH quest.

With this extremely low drop rate of Pumpkins and no way of getting them via Quests (let alone PvP) .. guess how annoying that is.
Event and Quest designer must be taking us for masochists.
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Private First Class
Lovely to see quest items on UPB shop, it makes things easier for people who plays on multiple worlds like me. Good work.


Staff Sergeant
Former Team Member
I think the drop-rate for pumpkins is actually decent, if you grind for them, maybe having +55 luck helps, maybe I'm just lucky. It's disappointing when I get a pumpkin related thing inside the pumpkin though, which is ironic.


Staff Sergeant
%200+ luck doesnt help, so no.
Actual drop rate is %3-4 but some people is "lucky".

But well, apparently I missed the "The four quest-triggering pumpkins (cheerful, confused, mischievous and angry) will also be available in the shop" part of the announcement hehe