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Tradesman & Crafting event discussion


All recipes need 50 crafting points and their drop value is 150$, that's what you can find in game right now, but how we are gonna get them is still not known. Probably you'll get the recipe from npc( dropping could be hard, every job I see has 450$ drop range+(minimal drop is 150$ xD),
also you can find out what you need to make every item on my profile on beta :)


Will Angus stay in game permanently?
Will tradeable items from him rotate? or you will just add more?

If you want add more i suggest:
almost all +LP work instructions
all N-leaf clovers
premium medals swap for other ones (like with dollar boost)


My first impression of this event was really positive because I like the idea of having new recipes to craft.

But then I realized that some of the items are too hard to get. It's impossible for a low level player (like me) to get vodka or milk.

It also doesn't seem equal: milk needed for the butter, vodka and oranges needed for the citrus extract, while molds only require hammers and cooking pots and whisks require wood and wire.

I like that you have to know someone, or be able to trade with someone, in all of the professions (it makes the game more interactive), but because hardly anyone is trading on Enewetak it's going to be impossible to get what's needed to even try to make these cakes. Because I can't get all the items, my feedback is limited to the 4th part of the quest line.

Some options to help this event would be:

Make the items needed to make the butter, citrus extract, molds, and whisks easier to get for all players, not just high level ones.
It would be great if the initial crafted items could even be droppable, or acquired through some other means as well, just to finish the quest (but this might be asking too much)
Allow the initial crafted items to be purchased with bonds or in-game currency, or nugs (let's be honest)

My concern is that this event leaves out all the new players. On more active worlds they might be able to buy all the items to make the cakes, if they can afford them. It would just be great to have an event that also considers the smaller players, because the more excited they are, the longer they will play.
@Leones To second Berchta's comments, the event has a social aspect already with engaging people with different crafting professions to barter, trade, and sell the event end-products. However, for lower level players, this also includes a preliminary round of hoping another player will mine the materials they need on jobs that they can't even approach the LP for to complete.

So, why not tier the recipes at least with a low-level version and the current version. For instance, the "Citrus extract" why not have Tequila be the ingredient required instead of Vodka for low-levels.

This really should be considered since Enewtak is a good reflection of many EU and NET servers that have a low activity population. In those worlds if you are not 100+ or have a lot of LP bonus gear collected over time, these quests will not only be cumbersome but hardly repeatable. InnoGames really cannot afford to ignore any segment of the player population especially when it promotes events like this via social media in hopes of capturing past players and bringing in new ones. Either way, both sets of potential new customers will be coming into the game as low-level characters.

Thank you.
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Yeah, at first i was happy about something going on, but rewards for effort is not great.I thought that cake items would give you that prducts with 35% boost of money, experience, etc.


With those upb missions? Isn't it about time to raise the limit of the upb counter?

Still don't know why they implemented a limit to that counter

Other items for Angus
speed buffs like the horse shoes
strengthening items from circus
some off the waytime items
clovers drinks and face paintings?
all those labor instructions
maybe some fort battle buffs that can't be bought in shop
so you already got a nice list of what is possible
now let InnoGames decide what they want
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With those upb missions? Isn't it about time to raise the limit of the upb counter?

Still don't know why they implemented a limit to that counter
With the limit, you're forced to spend by the UPD as you approach the maximum, if the limit wasn't, you might as well have a 5, 6K UPD (if not more) and that's not what InnoGames wants, because they need you to ideally have as little UPD as possible (so you can't buy that much for them at Christmas).
Let's be happy that at least the UPD envelopes don't have expiration periods and can be stacked at will.. imagine if they had to be used within a month of being retrieved, otherwise they will disappear, that would be...


don't give them ideas about expiration pleaseeeee

What about missions at Angus?
isn't it possible to make the missions with bonds? in letters?
or else you might not be able to do the missions if your counter is full?
or maybe even remove the limit? or at least raise it
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The West Team
Angus will be here permanently, it's not planned that the offers will rotate but we will likely add more quests to him instead.

Thank you all for the feedback about items you want to hand in and the rewards, we'll look into any possible changes in that regard.


Hm, idk why %25 Wisdom pot exchange requires 5 of them instead of 1 like the smaller one.

Btw not all sizes are included (same with Mojo/Liquids). Why is that
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the rewards for cakes are an insult for our inteligence how we get only 5 oup for it, only the rose water is 5 oup at tasks and you need tons of other items ,other jobs need cofee(18 oup) to get only oup arent you ashamed?, are you kidding
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