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New Issue Too many beans in the new quest


Howdy, cowboys and cowgirls!

I have a little question. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but on quest Famili photos (Celebrating life), as a request, we have to earn 110 Beans. I mean, they should have been 10 or how many? I think there are too many.
that was already reported elsewhere that is is a typo.
CM says that it along with other errors in the quest are being worked to be fixed.
So probably next week some time it will be corrected.
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So many issues with this questline. I did the 110 beans just so I could continue. And wondered why I could complete the send 200 things to other players. Why? Because they want HEARTS. Here is a screenshot.

I would really like 100 beans to be put back in my inventory. Thanks


Al35ul CM

The West Team
That will not be the case. The progression in that particular part of the quest is the player's choice thus we cannot offer the amounts of beans back, and we have not done so. The bug fixes have been confirmed and will be implemented soon.


Staff Sergeant
They usually implement fixed version in non-Beta servers before it hits Beta but there has been.. exceptions...

Side-effects of not having a QA staff (and proper Dev team)
ok, it seems the part about the corn flour got fixed but NOT the part about the stupid HEARTS :mad:
I tried cancelling it and re accepting it and it still said hearts, and now I got to pray again.

update, it seems to have changed to flowers several minuted after I reset it.