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the quest The murder


Master Sergeant
Does not make sense any more - it need to be changed completely to make sense as it did before -

this is what the text says when you get to the property:
The property
You find an old photo of Mr. Charlton and get a few clues about people who were in this house not long ago. It must still be possible to find them somewhere in the vicinity.

The Vicinity ???? - you have to travel all the way cross the map and back now,

The property is in county 8
Mexican is in county 1
dancer is in county 6
the maid in county 7
the gun slinger in county 7 -
the horse breeder in county 13

And the clues - they are not spread around the property as before - with the new job system.


yes and the quests need 2x more job time than before and 2x more energy for do we spend nuggets

i fill the west today is expensive than world of warcraft :mad:


Master Sergeant
I just wanted to point out that It need to be changed - maybe just the text so that it makes sense to travel - all of the west after the people.

I don't know about the clues - how they can make sense again - maybe place them in the two job centres that are close to the property - even if it means changing the jobs.


There are other quests with similar problems. One of the first ones requires to move all around. But it's not early enough to have the starting-buff.

Stuff like that will probably stop people very early, when they try the game. If you cannot easily do your quests people tend to switch over to another game.