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The quest book


Master Sergeant
In the old version worlds - I do all the daily and repeatable quest s I can - fill up with the repeatable - when I cant do the daily. That is not possible in the new version - we cant end a repeatable quest any more - without being at the quest give. - And that is a shame-

This might have impact in the way city's are placed in the map - in order to get their daily bonds - everyone wants to be close to either ghost city and Indian village - If you have to go there every day. for
It also means that the purpose of doing repeatable quests - are gone - when you have done 1000 of them. You can still get money and exp - but if you cant use them - to fill up when you need a daily - not worth the trouble - unless you live right next to the quest giver.

The problem is solved - though - I give up - most days in beta - and don't do very many daily and repeatable. When I have other things to think about than playing the west - the quest list and sometimes the quest book - is to confusing -
I stare at the long list with no possibility to sort. Don't know what to chose - and then just don't.
It must be possible to make it into sections- saloon quests- Indian village quests - etc.
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