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The end is near :(

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Damn - (sorry)
Now the Danish servers are up for this update - this could mean the end of 2 of them at least - I don´t know about the third -- as I don't play there - but about 1/3 of my ally already announced that they will stop when it hits us - if the same goes for the rest - I am afraid we are done.

Rest in peace the west - It was fun while it lasted.:(:eek:
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the simmies

I will give your mods some information. This was what happenend when we were updated:

- Inventorybutton was on the right as 5th button, instead of left.
- Town forums couldn't be read
- Towns were placed wrongly (not where they registered)
- Mods weren't informed that there was going to be a new duelformula (which isn't even right: xp given is not the xp which should be given)
- You can't sell stuff to the travelling salesman (that moustacheguy in your inv.), because the game freezes
- No background for inventory
- Migration is no longer possible (maybe a feature, but not anounced)
- Some quests can't be openend, while they were accepted before the update (they disappeared)

So, RUBBISH! And is it possible to finally stop using smaller servers as semi-beta's? It is undescribably stupid to launch updates which are bugged to the maximum on servers you apparently don't care about. Go test it on Betaworlds, internal as well as external. We don't mind if these Enewetak/Alamagordo/Amchitka worlds are used as Beta's and thus sometimes reset to simulate real worlds. But please do that and don't launch you stupid updates on our servers. Get off! Go screw you own fun. We, the mods, don't like admitting to 40 people every hour that they indeed encounter a fatal bug and that it is being worked on (at least, we hope so). I am a forummod, the forums are quite relaxed. Which is the opposite from the Support. Our gamemods are working their asses off because of your stupidity. Are we done now or are you developing 3.0 in which we can shoot each other as in a real MMORPG? And I would prefer a graphic update, because you seem to love that part. Maybe fire some graphic artists and hire some people that make sure there are no bugs. Or give those graphic artists a big course in which they learn how to encounter and kill bugs. It is enough now. The chat initially didn't even work (although that was fixed pretty fast). How do you expect us to keep the community satisfied?


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Those problems were fixed right after the update and we are sorry they occured.
Furthermore: A lot of players entered wrong coordinates in the town reservation windows. Those couldn't be migrated.

I am closing this thread as it's neither constructive nor helping us in any way.
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