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Thank you for help me


Hello !

A big thank you to all those who helped me for my work as a cook.

That's it I'm level 601 it was difficult, you have shown courage, tenacity, you searched along with me the products I needed.

Thank you to all players of all nationalities who helped me on, so a big thank you.

The adventure continues, in three weeks, I will have the weapon on the craft of cooking.

Another huge thank you to all of you, you were great. Hugs to you (and if I can help let me know I will with pleasure)

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Thank you, a chef is very long, I often spent several hours searching for steaks.

I will now look what it takes to blacksmiths to make steel, look for beans and stones to continue this mission. But do not despair, keep looking but change jobs often enough to give up the motivation I can also if you give me the ingredients you make some pretty useful items. Good luck to those who make their crafts. cordially