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Text errors


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
Please let us know in this thread when you find any text errors in the game (e.g German text, a typo in the English text, etc).


The West Team
Maya Roalstad

Hi, {player_name}. I heard that you are going on holiday. After your last adventure with the Daltons brothers you really deserve some nice, long vacation. Sounds great, I hope you have a good time. Oh, I forgot... Could you bring me some wool and cloth before you leave, please? I will prepare something for you... you know, for the road. And don't forget the corn for the horse.


The West Team

Sheriff: Stop! Who are you? Are you the one who the Daltons most fear? They were here in our city, and they just got away with the all the money we had in the bank. We have nothing anymore! Just a second… Can you help me catch them? I'll give you everything you need. Your famous clothes? No problem, you can change in my office.

  • - Equip Fancy leather hat 0/1
  • - Equip Red bandana 0/1
  • - Equip Torn blue pants 0/1
  • - Equip Yellow checkered shirt 0/1
  • - Equip Brown cotton shoes 0/1
  • - Equip Yellow buckled belt 0/1
  • - Sleeping Bag 1/1
Fancy leather hat? Not will be this one mistake? Brown cap was at Prison Brothers, leather hat is little overkill...