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Summer Spirit Set

Donald J. Trump

The information for the Summer Spirit set is out: https://tw-calc.net/sets/summer_spirit

There's one flaw with that set: The headpiece is part of the set.

From a fort battle perspective, this doesn't make much sense because:
1.) By using the headset, you remove the full set bonus that you get from zapata or adam set (which includes +100 and +60 resistance).

2.) Setting traps should be equal to Hiding. Fort battle defense are already hard enough to win, by giving the new sets more hiding over setting traps, will just make defenses even more unbalanced.

3.) I did a comparison with using full clothing zap and weapon set + spirt product/animal set vs full summer spirit set + zap weapon set and zap clothing set minus head set
The latter comparison (not using the summer spirit mask) is far superior to using the full summer spirit set.

Below is a clear comparison.

Once you read this comparison, it should make sense why the mask should be replaced instead with a duel weapon(s). There's not enough resistance (only 365) which wouldn't do jack crap against a dueler crit or even a regular dueler hit.

I suggest:
1.) Increase the total resistance/stats of the set so that even if the devs don't want to change the headpiece to a dueling weapon, it'll give a nice resistance bonus without zapata set.
2.) Remove the headset all together and keep the same total set stats, but only with the animal/saddle.
3.) If InnoGames is too stingy, then just replace the head mask for a dueling weapon.


To anyone that didn't know about the new resistance set, here's the stats bonus of it ==> Summer Spirit Set LINK

At level 150, with all three parts, it gives a whooping 280 resistance!!

I'll be doing THREE Comparison Scenarios between my current gear (Zapata clothing set + Zapata weapon set + Lucille horse set), and the new Summer Spirit Sets.

Independent Variables: Zap weapons and Zap clothing set (minus zap hat for Comparison 3)
Dependent Variables: Summer Spirit Set + Zap Hat

For anyone who didn't know:
Your ATTACK VALUE is your chance to land a hit on someone
Your DEFENSE VALUE is your chance to dodge a shot
Your RESISTANCE VALUE is the amount of Health Points reduced per shot taken.


Comparison One:

My current gear set up: Full Zap clothing + Full Zap weapon Set + Lucille Horse Set
Comparison One LINK

Attack: 134.01
Defense: 135.35
Resistance: 162.44

Attack: 126.42
Defense: 127.75
Resistance 159.68


Comparison TWO:

Full Zap set MINUS Zap hat + Full Zap weapon set + Full Summer Spirit Set
Comparison Two LINK

Attack: 129.26
Defense: 133.51
Resistance: 346.77

Attack: 122.13
Defense: 126.38
Resistance 343.53


Comparison THREE:

Full Zap set + Full Zap Weapon Set + The Summer Spirit Horse and Product (no mask)
Comparison Three LINK

Attack: 129.11
Defense: 133.67
Resistance: 365.98

Attack: 122.27
Defense: 126.83
Resistance 362.93

Comparison One gives the highest attack/defense values, and the most Health points at 18,800 but the LEAST AMOUNT of Resistance.

Comparison Two and Comparison Three has slightly less attack/defense values and less Health Points at 16,050, but much more resistance. Comparison Three has +20 more resistance than Comparison 2.

If you're an HP tank that's full Strength+Health Points, the best set up is Comparison 3 > Comparison 2 > Last Comparison 1
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Staff Sergeant
At new worlds, lot of players will use full summer spirit set, what give them nice advantage. Changing to duelling weapon maybe not possible, I think they will making sale about that before Independent Event. At least, they are trying to doing something against full leadership guys.


Private First Class
Just an another Worker favoring set.. with absolute no HP..

I guess they wanted to make some (weak) anti-Deputy chef set which also has 3 items -thou Helmet ain't one of them.. so this is awkward.

Also while Resist bonus still irrelevant against insane Leaders--t damages, this will cause new players to NOT deal ANY damage, at all.
0-50 damage already discouraging players below 100 lvl and this will make it even worse.

Eh, of course there are poor Tanks barely getting any rewards.. because of them being dependent on damage.. (What a coincidence majority of players are Damagers ey?)


(..) At least, they are trying to doing something against full leadership guys.
Yea, to get more money :D No balance reasoning behind this, at all.

As said above, that Resist bonus is still irrelevant against Union Officer bullcrap.
And where is the Defense bonus?? Where is the HP bonus?? Why still fully favoring Workers??
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Former Team Member
All I'm getting from this is there's still no decent sets for tanks, and still no hope for the future.

And where is the Defense bonus?? Where is the HP bonus??
If these are too difficult for management, perhaps a potion of changing class so we can just all pick dueller or worker, and get battles over with in less than 20 rounds?


Private First Class
Well, just got my first battle and poor low level players really :(

Almost 0 (Zero, None) damage from most of them (maybe about 100-150 on a Union/Murrieta sector)
So this is NOT encouraging for them to join FFs and probably will cause a lot of them to leave the game as well.

If only Resist was Percentage based.