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St. Patrick's Day event feedback

any plans to make the gold coins auctionable? Since I don't duel, rarely FF or adventure and haven't enough hours in the day to work jobs that pay out a coin or two, I won't be gathering enough to buy any of the set, might be nice to sell what few i might actually be able to get.


It seems like there are very little options for low-level players to accrue coins for this event (at this time I can only do the Prospecting job, hope to get a one hit duel and try to join and Adventure which seems like never occurs on Beta). At least here I can purchase potions to try and reskill. On regular worlds, that's not a true option. Also, if InnoGames intends to use this event in anyway to attract new players, this event will be a severe disappointment to them.

Why not scale the particular jobs for coins to level ranges like Daily Quests are?


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dunno if the fort battle mission is repeatable... but then its already 28x10 coins
what are you doing all day???? building? haven't got any prods in stock?
or money to buy some items?
its not possible to do all the quests a day... you have to be selective.
at least this is much better than the dotd event... you must give them credit for that.

the crab ans lotus? I got 5 crab and 2-3 lotus an hour. so its not even the hardest quest even.
2 coins for 7 hours work is even worse.

at least this is kind of a challenge.
considering all other missions that has past over the last years....that max cost you 3 days or so (except shiny missions).


Leones writes . . .
you can get around 55-60 gold coins a day.

It has been changed. I still do not understand how aplayer can get that many coins. My rate drop for lotus blossoms and crab meat is not 2 or 3 a hour. how is it possible to be in fort battle for 28 consecutive days and survive every onre, ,win every duel without being ko'd, every quest has to be fully completed on that day to receive a few gold coins


I just checked 25 h work to receive 11 coins - without the other Quest to receive coins - just in case you want to handle all of them daily. As far as I remember a day is 24 h - if I'm not wrong :blink: Ok you could use 70 gold coins x 25 to get 11 event coins
I just don't see the way how to receive up to 55 coins a day.


The West Team
Can you please tell us how it should be possible to get the mentioned 100 - 140 Coins?

After a rough calculation the pure job time for 10 Coins is 22 hours, for additional 10 Coins (reward for Fortbattle) for around 1.5 to 2 hours, 3 additional for duels (wanted persons) for 0.5 hours, 1 adventure won (0.25 hrs, waiting time not included, and it has to be won, so at least 1 adventure) a one hit duel for 10 coins (again 10 minutes). I hope I did not forget something.

In my calculation this will be 34 Coins in a time range of ca. 25 hours. Walking and waiting times not included, working time for the huge amount of products with bad drop rates (for 7 more coins) also not included. I don't know how it is at InnoGames, but MY day only have 24 hours. where or how can we get the missing 59 - 99 coins?
The 100 - 140 coins was unfortunately wrong, the announcement has since been updated to 55-60 coins.

That does however not mean you will be able to reach that amount every day. Although that is the sum of all quest rewards available on that day, you may not be able to complete them all every day. Will edit the announcement to reflect that it's an upper limit.


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yesterday I saw 28 hours of labour
so just skip the largest ones

still I think this event is better than dotd.
they didn't make any money from it

now by shortening time and buying product instantly? they can make more money.
So i'd vote for this system to be on dotd time and get rid of the old dotd


For the complete set you need
with Henry
75 coins 3 times = 225
with John
200 coins 3 times = 600
75 coins 2 times = 150
with Maya
125 coins 3 times = 375

in Total = 1350 coins / 28 days ~ 49 coins daily at least

Quests available:

Wanted persons caught: 0/3 3 coins
Adventures won: 0/1 2 coins
"One-Hit" Duel victory: 0/1 10 coins

Repairing a covered wagon (4 hours) 2 coins
Searching for semi-precious stones (6 hours) 3 coins
Black heart of the prairie collar 1/1 3 coins
Ceremonial staff 0/2 plus Grey Indian necklace 0/1 2 coins
Gold dust 0/4 4 coins
Hunting wolves (5 hours) 2 coins
Fort battle completed: 0/1 10 coins
Printing newspaper 'The Western Star' (6 hours) 3 coins
Tobacco 10/10 plus Calumet 1/1 4 coins
Hunt rattlesnakes (7 hours) 3 coins
Cooking pot 0/5 2 coins
Repair fences (4 hours) 2 coins
Shoot Grat Dalton 5 coins

32h work you reiceive 15 coins

I doubt it is possible without nuggets - sorry
I agree with one thing - it should be hard! But, it should also be achievable. The West depends on the casual, non-premium players. Let people who can be active 24/7/365 get their set fast, but also allow those who login once or twice per day to have a chance to complete the sets. Make it repeatable so they can continue next year, or let the event last longer, or both... I am sure there are many who didn't collect all the snowballs, peacock feathers, pumpkins, glass tubes etc. It can be frustrating, and when people can't compete in a game and their effort ends in disappointment - they leave and find something more rewarding.

But, yeah, if you're happy with worlds that have less than 1000 registered and less than 200 active players, then carry on...


Private First Class
competing is always possible.
but why should somebody that only logs in twice a day have the same stuff and equipment as an active player?
so not getting the snowballs etc.... is all upon yourself.

especially the higher older players? don't they have prods in stock? cause I see a lot of high level players complaining.
you don't do anything cause there is no quest? seems like a lot of players do that.
can't blame InnoGames for not thinking ahead.

repeatable to complete the set next year? good idea maybe thats why they use items and chests instead of a counter..
make it easier for the 2 times inlog a day? not really necessary.
frustrating because you didn't spend enough time on the game??? is all up to yourself

also would be great if the sets are auctionable.
if somebody got coins left or so.... they can sell them or clothing to other players
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Former Team Member
Players are this game's main content, we don't have many left, so keeping them all happy is more important than making an optional distraction like snowballs and coins exclusive to players who spend all day spamming 15s jobs. You're right that those players should have an advantage for the time put in, but that's not achieved by locking distraction content that makes your characters stronger and competitive in the game, out from the actual content, players.


Leones writes . .
That does however not mean you will be able to reach that amount every day. Although that is the sum of all quest rewards available on that day, you may not be able to complete them all every day. Will edit the announcement to reflect that it's an upper limit.

When I read this it is my understanding you are focusing on player failure rather than success. It creates a bigger distance between mom premium player and premium player. There is a lot of frustration about the current fort battle formula and add in this event in the current form and I can see players leaving the game. I cannot see what the dotd event has to do with this event.


Private First Class
Why not? There are also players who work for their living
whatever you do.... doesn't apply or has anything to do with me.
nor whatever I do has anything to do with you.

so your comment is invalid from the start.
what a person does a day is his/her business... not somebody elses.
so you work ( more), then you can spend nuggets to clean out all the quests.


Sorry, the Event is too much.
I can not believe that something like this is being implemented here.
I hope that this game is now completely reduced to events.
That will surely be the end of it.

That would be a real shame

greetings from

Who cares about this stupid event. This game is dead...

Adventures won 0/1. Really ? You should have put adventures played 0/1. Not WIN. Fort battles is good. But joined only 1, the others not (no room left). "One-Hit" Duel victory 0/1 is crap. Should have been WIN 1 duel.
Just doing some jobs. If I get enough coins for one item, is enough.


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it is getting more funny... the broken quests (with the wrong texts) seems to be fixed...

  • - [1]Brown top hat 1/1
  • - [7]Brown bow tie 1/1
  • - [3]Fancy waistcoat 1/1
  • - [3]Brown plaid belt 1/1
  • - [7]Black linen pants 1/1
  • - [4]Pilgrim's shoes 1/1
a complete suit for just 2 coins ... ok, these are mostly lowlevel items, but I think there is no relation anymore between effort and result.

The idea itself is nice for this event, but it should be doable. It is ok, as also many here said, that you have to make an effort, sure, but you can't work for more than 24 hours a day. So the mentioned (and now corrected) amount of 55-60 coins is utterly misinformation