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St. Patrick's Day event feedback


Why is in set EVERY duelling bonus except reflex? ._.
EDIT: Otherwise I like this idea of event more than just plain spamming of works.
Just dont make events where you must like fort battle to complete it whole, literally impossible on dead worlds (without migration after 1-2 years :--)), duells against players are already problem on its own to find targets, even tho new potion might help a little bit with that atleast.
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Event after event, seriously? A day after winter event, valentines event started and now this... Let me guess after this one easter starts... Just give it a rest!

Also we all know that damage bonus doesnt work.
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I haven't stopped to figure out how many coins it takes [over 1000 for sure] to get all the new outfit, but since some of the new quests require many hours of work for just 2 or 3 coins, I don't see that it is worth my time.


Leones writes . . .
You will receive a gold coin for completing the quests. You can get around 100 - 140 gold coins a day.

With the current gold coin rate per quest how is this possible?

Another funny thing is daily quest requirmrnt for 10 crab meat and 10 lotus blossoms. This seems excessive because the drop rates for these two items are relatively low.


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Here too... I think there is so much work to do for so less profit. Even if the day would have more than 24 hours it will be impossible to get the complete set. You have to work around 2 hours or more for one! coin, so to get 1500 gold coins you need to work 3000 hours. In my calculation 3000 hours is much more than the short event period. In addition for additional coins you need many items, you also have to work for, e.g. Lotusflowers with a droprate of 61% (Adventurer bonus included) you need for 10 flowers around 15 hours to get them. This seems for me impossible.


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Can you please tell us how it should be possible to get the mentioned 100 - 140 Coins?

After a rough calculation the pure job time for 10 Coins is 22 hours, for additional 10 Coins (reward for Fortbattle) for around 1.5 to 2 hours, 3 additional for duels (wanted persons) for 0.5 hours, 1 adventure won (0.25 hrs, waiting time not included, and it has to be won, so at least 1 adventure) a one hit duel for 10 coins (again 10 minutes). I hope I did not forget something.

In my calculation this will be 34 Coins in a time range of ca. 25 hours. Walking and waiting times not included, working time for the huge amount of products with bad drop rates (for 7 more coins) also not included. I don't know how it is at InnoGames, but MY day only have 24 hours. where or how can we get the missing 59 - 99 coins?


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They will put the set parts in the SHOP later, expecting players to spend Nuggets to complete the set, as it cant be completed by normal means
The Devs must think we are stupid
The West has now turned into back to back Events
As soon as this one is over the Easter Event starts right after and off we go again
i'm sure the Devs are working on another Event to start right after the Easter Event ends
I'm done with this bullcrap and I will not be participating
If everyone stopped participating in these Events, maybe the Lead Community Manager would stop serving up all this useless garbage


first of all, i want to thank you, that you are at least trying to change things. I like that idea. I like this kind of event, which is hard and not everyone will be able to collect all prizes just by doing 24/24 jobs.


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I do like the coin concept, so credit where it's due. Maybe it's an opportunity to introduce a way to get the newest generation of buffs to the game, as an alternative to saving up for the set.

And of course theres time to balance the coin output from various activities.