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Short work time

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The West Team
Dev Team
Hi everyone, here's a challenge for you:

We'd like to hear your most convincing argument as to why the the shortest job duration should be increased.

Remember to be nice, because a cranky game designer is less easily convinced ;)
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Why? Because you want your players to be happy so they will continue to play this game.15 secs shifts will deplete your energy quite fast and the player will just go to sleep and log out of the game (same as with the 2 hours without the sleep).Not being online will make you get bored of the game therefore ; Quit.

InnoGames has to make a decision.Make quick money from players that use energy refills or make more money through time from happy players.


15secs are only useful in three cases
  • when you want to get rid of your energy before a fort battle when you're likely to lose
  • to get some quick EXP for a level up (needed about 90 times in whole character's life)
  • to fulfil one of the rare x/x job quests

In all other cases, it's quite counterproductive
  • you rarely get a product
  • it's too short to fulfil those 7.5 / 15 minutes quests by tiny steps
  • it ends all communicative activity, since you can't chat or read the forums in 4x15 / 9x15 seconds, and after 12.5 minutes you just go off since you need a 8 hours rest to fill up your energy
Sorry, there's no the biggest disadvantage - all three are equally bad


I'm an active player ı won't wait 2 hours to finish a job, and I have a real life ı can't be always here for clicking every 15 sec.

-best ways of 15 sec are more money and more experience.
-worst way is no product, no items. not worth give a shot.

I know you won't change longest job duration but about the shortest job duration, my suggestion is 5 min.
On the other hand there must be a balance about product drop chances. you should consider it. for example;

coal mining
5 min 1 coal
30 min 3 coal
2 hours 5 coal
5 min 5% product chance
30 min %30 product chance
2 hours %60 product chance

ı meant, if ı have time or i dont. every way should make me some profit.

Butcher Pete

The time should be lvled just like the job.
lvl1-49 jobs 15sec, 30min, 60min
Lvl50-99 5min, 30min, 60 min
Lvl100-120 10min, 30min, 120min

The early lvl jobs are obviously the easiest ones so they should have the shortest times, as the jobs get harder they should take longer to do
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