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Selling chests of all sorts


Lance Corporal
why is it that most chest can't be sold?
for example the clothing chest for every set?
the whole set can be sold individual... but not the chest?
the chest is a nice item for collectors.
also event chests can't be sold? why??
same thing with the cloth chests actually.

furthermorer? why isn't there a valentine eventchest?
why are there clothing chests in the database that has never seen the light of day?

not saying that InnoGames should make all of them saluable, for example: except the last 2 years.
but with a click event as the presents last time? with all those chests? It would be a good idea if collectors could buy the chest.
cause most collectors would already have the set itself.
the idea really doesn't cost too much work, and will cost InnoGames nothing extra's
but will make a lot of players that collect much happier.

just like the old eventsets itself?
loverset.. valentinus..edison..clyde to name a few familliar ones.
why ain't they being offered in shop or any other event... for cash coins or nuggs?
InnoGames wouldn't have to design a new set... just place an older one in the shop.

these small ideas will cost InnoGames nothing except a little time to implement it.
and will get a part of the playerbase a lot happier, and even InnoGames would make some nuggs out of it.
so you can easily say its a win/win situation