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restoration of the procris set

I ask that the outlawed set of adventures be changed, such as the Indian one, because minorities no longer play this genre or game mode at all.

I also proposed on the Romanian forum to add new game modes through the adventure system. I will leave a link here, excuse me that it is not translated into English: https://forum.the-west.ro/index.php?threads/propunere-mod-nou-de-joc-aventuri.49396/
if you have to read the text yourself go to settings and add the language you want to translate google translate .

I know that I made a mistake in the section, but honestly I didn't find the one about the game proposals / ideas .

I don't expect you to add the game mode, as the community doesn't listen much, but the outlaw set and many others need to be improved!

:lovetw::lovetw:^-^ va saluta obai , dragi tovarasi !
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sand of time

Elite Tester
In the early developing stage of the adventure mode there was 2 more additional game modes, but i think that idea was scrapped.

As for the outlaw set, you have my vote. Anyway, personally i think all of the old and mid-range sets should be improved. Holiday set, collector set for example.