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Report name


The West Team
Dev Team
It's not very often you report multiple people in quick succession. If you really can't guess which was which then you can always send a ticket and ask, although of course we can't provide any further information than which report correlates to which affront.


.. on the other hand, it would be no big deal to enhance the texts by a simple "The affront you reported regarding <player name> was processed... plus the placeholder substitution logic... if there's an easy solution to a problem that occurs rarely, but it occurs, then why don't include taht case too..?


Private First Class
i guess my question would be why does it matter? You can click on player names to see about possible bans, if they are still active then maybe they received some points and a warning. But outside of the knowledge and saying to yourself, "ha ha I got you in trouble" what's the point? Have faith the matter was dealt with by support correctly. Those messages are only sent out once a team member has performed their job and looked into the issue. Reporting concerns are the communities duty, so once done, no need to worry about the rest