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Rating System for Adventures


I think it's time for the Adventures to be checked on. There are players who join just to mess other player's game, just to make fun of him/her. It is more than frustrating to play an Adventure and lose because people like this, it's infuriating. We spend money ( real money ) and the game is automatically ruined, not to mention the allocation system. My team, 1 big level 140+ and 2 under lvl 100 ( one even lvl 19 ) and the opponents only 120+, at this point everything is broken. Some of the players just join the game and then they either hide or just don't move at all. For this, I can see 2 options:

1. Make it just like on beta, an option to create a gang of players who REALLY play the game
2. A ban system, where players who "forget" to chose skills, don't move for rounds, those who just move far away from battles, not helping anyone, not shooting ( or attempt to shoot ). The ban should consist in xx minutes not able to join Adventures.

Or anything that gives a sign that the Adventures are checked on and not a dying part of the game.


Private First Class
third option, remove the adventures.
Some of us refuse to play them, for those reasons and others, especially the long wait to see if and when one might start. Until they figure a way to eliminate the queue wait time, I have no interest at all in adventures.


Staff Sergeant
Former Team Member
All the game's PvP is broken at the moment. Forts are buggered, duels are buggered and adventures are buggered. Adventures would be waaaaaaaaay at the back of the queue for me, but the thing is it's actually possibly fixable, unlike the other two whose problems come from tombola power creep.
And as we always say whenever someone talks about Adventures, they could Bring Back the Bear. That was fun.