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Questline "Finding Mr. Easter Bunny"


Where can i find the first cracked egg? I am trying feeling trees, clearning the forest and rafting wood but nothing...
according to tw-db you are looking in the right places.
It may be bugged, I know it was bugged last year, as I got multiples of the eggs. too bad they weren't sellable.

Snr Sarg

Lance Corporal
I raised a ticket on this earlier, was told to try again when the event starts on the regular worlds. Shame they don't use their own forum to keep us informed eh? :mad:

Ace Matador

Does anyone know if it will be repeatable? Cause I did it last year but it doesn't opened this year for me yet.
over in the english forum [forum.the-west.net/] is was stated that is was NOT repeatable, so I suppose the same might apply in the beta worlds