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quest list


Master Sergeant
It is not an improvement - that all quest are in one list- and all daily repeatable tasks in one list too.
When I decides in the morning - which quests to do and which jobs- it is very confusing - and if I am in a hurry - I just give op - and pick a random job - ore sleeps in the hotel.
Divide the lists in to selections - daily repeatable - ghost town Indian village.
It would be nice to be able to sort the list.
In the " real" worlds as well as Enewetak - travel time to job locations is an issue. We use far to much time to travel now - so it would be nice to be able to plan jobs, to reduce travel time.:up:

An other solution - is to just drop this crazy update- I prefer the old version - I used one month now to give it a chance- and version 2.0 still sucks.:blink::lol: