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Fixed Quest cannot be finished


Private First Class
New Questline "Harvest Time"

1st quest at Maya (The harvest time begins) cannot be finished after finishing 2nd quest at Wilsons farm (Every helping hand is welcome)

No scripts activated, different browsers (computers) tested. Impossible to finish quest and thus also the questline


There seems to be another issue with these two quests (or I am just missing something): I did it the other way around and now the second quest has disappeared at Wilson's Farm.

Edit: Thanks, now it works :up:
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After completing the quest with Mary, I returned to the farm. There, the quest appeared again, which I had already completed. So I wanted to accept it again, then comes the message that I have already done the quest. So stick again.



1 time. I've accepted quest of Maya, I've walked to Wilson's FArm and accepted quest here without any problem. Then I've finished Maya's quest, and after that I wasn't able to finish the quest On Wilson's FArm (with 4 letters and 6x harvesting). Tried different times.

So I canceled quest with 4 letters. (It was about 13:00 of server time)

2 time. Now I see the quest on Wilson Farm, but can't accept it anymore. "You doesn't fullfill the requirements". And there's no quest anywhere else.


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If you have that issue, please contact support, we might be able to help with that.

If you receive the message that you don't fulfill the requirements, it has to be between 06:00 and 11:30.