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Please Remove Steel Lined Boxes from Events


Staff Sergeant
I am very angry right now, as I have dropped 3 Steel Lined Boxes with absolute junk in them worth less than 10k each
The Event is supposed to be something exciting, so why must you dampen our enthusiasm with those Steel Lined Boxes
FYI: they cost 150 Nuggets or 9000 Pretzels which represents 24 hours intense work
150 Nuggets will allow me to do 9 hours of Lead a Trade Office and allow me to obtain 4000 Pretzels
Also the wages = over $100.000 and I usually drop around 1kk's worth of Items which makes the junk in the Steel Lined Boxes look even more unfair
It's about time they were removed from Events as they just punish players for their hard work

On the subject of Chests:
They haven't been upgraded since they were introduced years ago and the contents are now obsolete also
Isn't it about time they were refreshed with current items from current sets
Also the Chests with the sets in them are also obsolete and totally useless now
Please put some useful set chests in the SHOP, if you want to encourage players to buy them


Meh.. I've completely stopped using nuggets on any events for this very reason. You end up with 30 ties, 30 hats, 1 pants, no coats, and a bunch of worthless junk. They haven't "dampened" my enthusiasm for events...they've completely removed it. I'll take what they give me and use my real money on a case of beer every day...much more rewarding.


I agree with my friend here, it's time for the 2013-2014 items to go away. The high leveled ones lose money and gain nothing, they have some money saved yet it's not fair to only lose, but what if a level 20 barely gets his hands on a chest, just to be disappointed with junk items. Time changes, and it's time for the change to come to all of the boxes. Either remove them from events or upgrade to something that makes it worth


Staff Sergeant
Time to make some changes about tombola and boxes too. First at events: Iron-clad boxes is really bad, wooden box can drop better items. For 25/1500 not really cool get one. Steel lined boxes had great time some years ago, need update what they can drop, or remove it from tombola, put something better. I didn't know when I last time bought one, maybe for market about 15 or 20k. So in my opinion: remove steel lined box from events or upgrade it.


I totally agree! For a few minutes ago I was glad I had 9000 pretzels and I got some pants worth 11000. *partypooper* I can buy those pants from the shop daily because i have quite a good sum in my bank account! So boring....Please remove Steel Lined Boxes from events!


The event is a complete new experience to me but even as newbie to the game, I can understand exactly what everyone means about the steel boxes. I finally saved up enough pretzels to go for the 9K & was full of enthusiasm about what I might get, but felt completely let down with the contents of the steel box o_O


I agree with all other fellow players here. I think it is very unfair to include the steel boxed in the tombola especially when people spend either 150 nuggets (that means money wasted) or 9k pretzels (in this case as it is related to Oktober Fest) which involves many hrs if not an entire day of 1hr jobs to end up finding this. This event should be about finding a very special set item or set box .. If I want to buy such a box I would go to the online shop as the content of such boxes can be the same as if I do any silver or gold job with high luck to get fancy or unique items ..... very disappointed.


It is really time fore a change indeed , events should be exiting and bring us new stuff , not old boxes whit useless stuff , take away tis steel boxes and ' rare boxes' whit junk in it , we work all day to get a 9 K spin , and what doe we get ? Right , mostly junk :-(
Another worthless piece of clothes .The traveling Fair , is it ever upgraded ? if you got verry , verry , verry lucky , you can win InnoGames belt or natty or Allan Quartermans chest ????
Really ???????????? totaly worthless , it is indeed abouth time to upgrade all this stuff , we invest in this game , please InnoGames , try to invest in us players for once maybe ?

Thank you


Staff Sergeant
Here we go again
I get angrier by the day :(
This is the 3rd one in a row http://prntscr.com/glgdug
Someone has a perverse sense of humor to have added that insulting piece of Junk to this Event
For working for 24 hours to get a decent prize for 9000 Pretzels, we don't deserve to be insulted with this garbage
Just listen for once please and do something about it

I just opened that STEEL LINED BOX and here is what I got to add to the other 13 that I already have
Now can you understand my anger and frustration :(
A whole $2680 dollars for 24 hours work
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