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Players who quit

catalin e bun

Hi all,
I opened this topic with reference to the fact that I want an account on Enewetak from players who want to quit The West and who want to remove the account.

I do not want to be interpreted as a breach of rules (buying and selling account) .Consider that is bad enough to delete your account in which you have invested time and for some players even money.In case the player wants to return to the game i will give him back his account with no problem.I'm a honest person and I do not want to take some kindness.

I'm interested in the account must be at least lv 80, even if inventory is empty and be on Enewetak server.

Please let me know if you have friends who fall into the above points ,just write here or send me a private message.

catalin e bun


The West Team
Dev Team
On the public beta, it is allowed to give away your account permanently (not temporarily for extended sitting), but you must not sell/auction/exchange it.