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Outdated Fort Battles


The aim of this topic is to argue about how the Fort Battles could improve.

Fort Battles are outdated. With every meaning of the word...but in here I'll propose some changes to the formula/bonus.
The reasons for this are quite obvious...if you battle, you know.

I'll further explain what changes i am refering to...

Higher Fort Bonus (Towers, Walls...etc.)
- Bonus of Towers too low comparing to self Attack/Defense (on the ground)

Higher Distance-Penalty
- Again, the penalty is too low comparing to self Attack/Defense...I'm not sure if the highest penalty is -24 (at 15 fields), but with damage dealers at an average of 180 something Attack, with this change, those at the back (usually damagers) would hit less, and those in the front (Tanks) would stay basically the same.

More Hp (each point could be equal to 15, 20-25 for soldiers)
- With the increasing amount of damage (both from Lidership mains and Tanks), Tanks are surviving less and less...Hp could get a little bump!

- Resistance formula could be in % of damage taken instead of raw damage mitigated (today).

I don't explain in much detail, but i think every one can reason the pros and cons...i hope to see some of you comment for the best of The-West.
ps: i prefer discance-penalty and resistance changes


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Just last night, I was critted with 3.2k damage when I only had 14.5k hp.
Do I have to say anything else?

100-200 resists are irrelevant, useless. Gotta be % based.
Low levels should also get to hit something different than 0-50 at least!


Former Team Member
Low levels should also get to hit something different than 0-50 at least!
A point about low leveled players interested in fort battles, I think at some point they forgot about new players levelling up for the first time competing against upgraded level 150 guys. Or for that matter they forgot they occasionally open new worlds, so the game is incredibly unbalanced as soon as they pop a sale for a new mega-set. Most importantly, they forgot that the game is dying. Literally Bleeding players. We actually rely on low levelled players to fill fort battles these days, trying to get new players interested in fort battles, and keeping them interested. getting them geared with huge personal investments in complete strangers (we are still waiting on a tank set btw) is a large part of the game now.

"It is unfortunately not possible to have different events or rewards on different worlds, so this is something you'll have to live with, I'm afraid." - This was unfortunately the response I got when Idaho* started going mental with the pay to win tombola stuff. (*new .net world at the time, I was level 68 pure construction doing Lead a Trade Office)
Okay, fine, but are we really just gonna leave it at that, shafting new players, new characters, people who just buy the VIP premiums, every Soldier tank and Adventurer in the entire game harder and harder with every iteration of the tombola or mega double buffed premium set sales when the tombolas don't sell well? You've gotta give us some hope that you'll try to fix this clown fiesta at some point InnoGames.
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Yea unfortunately new players are screwed in all ways possible with the way things there are nowadays.

I guess InnoGames doesn't really want new players eh?
Or just "telling" them to join new server, which will happen soon enuf?? But if you can't get an Xp set or w/e anyway, too bad (... you know the rest) !
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