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Oktoberfest Set Feedback


Private First Class
There's always a way to beat a set / build, none are invincible online or off, soldier or not which is my exact point, just some are overall harder to beat than others in the worse case. When two people have max gear / skills it always turns into stalemates of some kind and you have to use smart gear combos / builds & reskill quickly to get the advantage. I guess we agree to disagree for now as the only way to go discuss further would be to test duel and we cannot.

it's a big problem as it's a massive unfair advantage but I still think it isn't AS impossible as you think from personal experience. Soldier class bonus deserves balancing along side updating other classes.


Master Sergeant
I agree with you, but the advantage is unfair. You can't KO a soldier if you don't reskill full appearance, you are forced to play with toughness or reflex. And the double hp...is also hard to deal with. Buffing other classes would be nice, but i don't trust the west dev to do a good job. So a nerf to the soldier would be more appropriate


Master Sergeant
There are few where you can duel in your level! Either he is in the hotel or vacation or it is called in 72 stunt again attackable. The ones without a city can not be attacked. Even if you have a lot of players. It fails at your duel level

Now it makes a sense dise discussion. It gets to break through soldiers armor that he also KO's that you duelists have chance!? :pifpaf:




Private First Class
Every topic we read now only contains complaints about the direction the development is going, the lack of listening or ignoring experienced players feedbacks about the game and the complaints about the timescale each update takes.

It is safe to say looks like the development team has little to no experience about the gameplay or just simply don`t paying attention.

I know this game priority is close to non existing to you, but there are still players who are hoping that one day something finally breaks our way, but please do it before it is too late. Please get experienced players involved who can give you guide what is causing the players dissatisfaction.

Also I believe the beta servers are opened, so you can test new ideas? Why don`t you use it?

Thanks Pimpa


duel set will OP mele duelers , it will be very hard to beat them , they have hp , tactic and some dodge now with soldir class ... :/