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Oktoberfest Event 2021 Discussion


Private First Class
Are Alfred, Thomas, Carl and Andreas based off historical cowboys, colonists or bandits (or a parody of a Western movie), or just random names?
I've always enjoyed learning the story behind the figures you rip off embrace for tombola purposes.

Thomas Dunson
wants to start a cattle ranch in Texas. Shortly after he begins his journey to Texas with his trail hand Nadine Groot , Dunson learns that his love interest Fen was killed in an Indian attack. He had told Fen to stay behind with the California-bound wagon train, with the understanding that he would send for her later.

That night, Dunson and Groot fend off an attack by Indians. On the wrist of one, Dunson finds a bracelet he had been left by his late mother, which he had given to Fen as he left the train. The next day, an orphaned boy named Matthew Garth wanders into Dunson and Groot's camp. He is the sole survivor of the wagon train, and Dunson adopts him.

Dunson, Groot, and Matt enter Texas by crossing the Red River. They settle in deep South Texas near the Rio Grande. Dunson names his new spread the Red River D, after his chosen cattle brand for his herd. He promises to add M (for Matt) to the brand, once Matt has earned it.

Fourteen years pass, and Dunson has a fully operational cattle ranch, but he is broke as a result of widespread poverty in the southern United States following the Civil War. He decides to drive his massive herd hundreds of miles north to the railhead at Sedalia, Missouri, where he believes they will fetch a good price. After Dunson hires men to help, including professional gunman Cherry Valance , the northward drive starts.

Along the way, they encounter many troubles including a stampede caused by one of the men, Bunk Kenneally (Ivan Parry). This leads to the death of Dan Latimer .

Continuing with the drive, Valance relates that the railroad has reached Abilene, Kansas, which is much closer than Sedalia. When Dunson confirms that Valance had not actually seen the railroad, he ignores the rumor in favor of continuing to Missouri. Dunson's tyrannical leadership style begins to affect the men, with his shooting three drovers who try to quit the drive. After Dunson announces he intends to lynch two men who stole supplies, tried to desert, and were captured by Cherry Valance, Matt rebels. With the support of the cowhands, he takes control of the herd in order to drive it along the Chisholm Trail to the hoped-for railhead in Abilene, Kansas. Valance and Buster become his right-hand men. Dunson curses Matt and promises to kill him when next they meet. The drive turns toward Abilene, leaving Dunson behind.

On the way to Abilene, Matt and his men repel an Indian attack on a wagon train made up of gamblers and dance hall girls. One of the people they save is Tess Millay , who falls in love with Matt. They spend a night together, and he gives her Dunson's mother's bracelet. Eager to beat Dunson to Abilene, he leaves early in the morning, the same way Dunson had left his lady love with the wagon train 14 years before.

Later, Tess encounters Dunson, who has followed Matt's trail and now sees her wearing his mother's bracelet. Weary and emotional, he tells Tess what he wants most of all is a son. She offers to bear him one if he will abandon his pursuit of Matt. Dunson sees in her the anguish that Fen had expressed when he left her, but he resumes the chase with Tess accompanying him.

When Matt reaches Abilene, he finds the town has been awaiting the arrival of such a herd to buy. He accepts an offer for the cattle and meets Tess again. Shortly thereafter, Dunson arrives in Abilene with his posse. Dunson and Matt begin a fistfight, which Tess interrupts, demanding that they realize the love that they share. Dunson and Matt make peace. The film ends with Dunson advising Matt to marry Tess and telling Matt that when they get back to the ranch, he will incorporate an M into the Red River D brand, because he has earned it.

Couldnt find anything else for Alfred , Carl or Andreas

John Wick

@Al35ul CM @ChickenMcGuy
Please try to explain the winner European Weapion Set:
Is that a fort battle Set --> If Yes: Why shooting and appearance Bonus?
Is that a dueler Set -->If Yes: Why Setting traps and leadership Bonus?
Is that a worker Set --> If Yes: Why you add Aiming / Dodge and HP Bonus?

I don't get it :whistle:

It is like this: All these winning weapons are something special and often more expensive than expected. We can expect slightly better values for this money.
Increases the damage of the rifle and change appear and shooting into Leadership and a bit hiding (maybe for attack sometimes)....
So any new's ? Will they change anything on those weapions?


Master Sergeant
22 Attack? I bet that's a typo :P

22 damage for Clothing, 10 damage for Weapons? Come on nobody needs that when u have Damagers everywhere..
Some Resistance or Attack please..
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22 Attack? I bet that's a typo :P

22 damage for Clothing, 10 damage for Weapons? Come on nobody needs that when u have Damagers everywhere..
Some Resistance or Attack please..
They intented to make this set useless. This change is intentionally bad. This set is supposed to be trash. The weapons from the free set are much better than Carl's.


Master Sergeant
Both sets are trash tbh.
So is the Speed set, worse than "free" set of Schwarz.

SeptemberFest used to be the best event of the year. And now InnoGames takes it away too.


well, it seems that the bug that affected pink roses is fixed. but I have no way to check that out because the quest disappeared. what now?
how do I get back to the quest?