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Oktoberfest discussion


I played three times in the 9k section and three steel boxes came, another event that instead of giving joy, irritates the players.
This crap wasn't even supposed to be in that section!


Bugs should be fixed now, feel free to let us know if you find any more.
this is the second time i doing this quest wasted 60energy to trying to fix it by cancelling and again accepting and doing 6*12 Protecting the wagon train (6 hours) but still no success with the riverbed quest giver,bug report sent,need some update in this case.
P.S i don't know if they work at weekend so it gonna suck to wait until Monday :D



Five times in the 9k section to see 3 steel boxes, 1 steal box and just 1 set item. Congratulations on the achievement of making another ridiculous event without listening to the players!


fix this problem before it comes out to other worlds plz. i hate getting those chests.. just remove them.. Plus decrease their price in shop as well no one buys them .. cutt the price in half on them.. why would someone spend 50 bonds on junk chest??? 75 bonds on wooden for real?? steel line box has some special recipes? like what the old ones probably.. its not even updated to the new recipes... 200 bonds on fancy chest to get a item for 5k?

just update the chests in shop.. cut the price in half at most or even lower.. the better.. and plz remove them from tombolas..