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new drop system..annoying?


Left the-west 1 year ago becuase of the direction it was heading.Well it reached that direction and it got even worse,but come on,once you play you will always come back.Anyway here i am 1 year later and i am found infront of many differences.Some good,most bad.Anyway i started from where i left it.Drop hunting.Well at first i thought "i am premioumless so that's the problem".After feeling my pockets with shiny golden nuggets and working in every job in the west (literally i specced for every job) i am left with...Not even a drop.Not even a single little meaningless drop.Why is that?Why you made my favorite thing in the west worthless for even trying? :(


Staff Sergeant
I can´t say that... a few days ago on my homeworld i found Al Swearagen eagle belt doing Robbing Graves only a few $$$ over the upper limit of the drop.

It´s true im finding less valued things than before... but they get on from time to time.