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New Battle Formula Feedback

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I reskilled for today's battle and future testing:

97 strength
58 mobility
138 stamina
168 hiding
56 aiming
56 leadership

My aim was to try resistance...

Today I fought on attack. I dealed over 5k of damage, landed 16 hits, missed 15, got hit 7 times and dodged 11 shots.

My personal opinion: I could really tell the difference from the old system, I noticed all the hits I delivered were stronger, and it's easier to land hits. Pure HP/tanks got a lot of hits really fast and got killed faster. I must say it's been the funniest battle I've played in a long time.

However, I couldn't notice anything related to resistance, the hits I got were as usual, a little explanation on how resistance works would be appreciated, as all the calculations I have made with the given formulas make no sense, as I really couldn't notice any damage reduction

On the battle balance issue: I think the new formula is a great step, but pure HP still plays a decisive rol, defense tanks still got the top dodging/damage inflicted marks, and the battle dynamics are still the same, with meat shields covering everything and swaping between each other...As it is now, being pure HP is still the best option for fort battles

Jarema 27

I'm thinking about good Resistance skill.
I'm solidier so I thought max Stength (Some HP + Stamina) and skills into hiding.
But I'm solidier with premium so I would have over 6000 in Natty's set.
As you can count it's not VERY effective with so much HP.

Conclusion is one,Solidier's HP bonus is more than useless,are you going to do something with that?


I got some questions regarding the formula before I can reskil:

- do I consider buff damage added to the weapon damage?

- what about amulets and other fort buffs, are they going to be reskilled?

- what is exactly maxHP? I have 297 hp points. In the formula should I use 297? 2970? or the 6200 I have equiped?

- same with leadership (and hiding and stamina): I have 69 points. Is this the number to consider in the formula or the one with all the equipment?

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- what is exactly maxHP? I have 297 hp points. In the formula should I use 297? 2970? or the 6200 I have equiped?
As Diggo wrote (http://forum.beta.the-west.net/showpost.php?p=23515&postcount=5), the formula doesn't use your skill points on HP but your HP. So, in your case 6200.

- same with leadership (and hiding and stamina): I have 69 points. Is this the number to consider in the formula or the one with all the equipment?
I think the one with all the equipment, otherwise your clothes would become useless.


Hello everyone, did some calculation, correct me if i'm wrong. The leadership part seems okay, but the resistance part is pretty much useless.

Let's say we have a level 120 character, with all points on hiding, best possible clothes with hiding :
It has like 1400 life (lets say its not a soldier) and around 650 hiding. According to the formula, this will be equivalent to roughly 22 points of resistance (1200/1400 * 650^0.5). That is basically nothing, the average resistance will be like 1-2 points, nothing more. Not to mention the stamina part, which needs strength base, 2 times more life thus half the resistance itself

Might be my mistake at the calculation, let me repeat myself :)
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Staff Sergeant
With full leaderships:
The battle for the fort DONBASS has begun. Unfortunately all places were already taken!
You have been evaluated by Carl Barron and rated as a private.
No feedback from me.


Staff Sergeant
Well the only different thing i saw was that i could hit a full hp guy for 387hp... but i got hit from him for 343.

So the battles are still the same thing as before.


at firts sry for my bad english, hope u can understand:

battle today

bad choice to attack a fort of strudels and russian alliance, most hp and fortbattleskilled players had to deff, and teams was never equal. so it was just a masacre of the attackers and not realy many time to test somethink (but anyway most battles in the west are like this, not realy interessting cause one side good more hp/lvl/onliners; most time any more).

2nd think the bad ranked decitions by carl, he ranked so many low hp offliners who die instand instead of let the onliners take part of the battle. so we just can say: low Hp offliners are same useless in battles like ever and its not worth for them to take part of such a battle they earn 1bond and perheps 100ep thats all, searching steaks is more usefull work then low hp fort battle offliner.... --> so noone who say: "oh today i like to do a fort battle" will be part of one, if he/she does not have enough hp or maybe is a duellist.

now some feedback of my battle: i got nearly full hp build and stuff, 13110 hp with lvl 114 and im skilling hp on german worlds since years (was one of the 1st players there who take full hp skills)
i got hittet by 2 criticals so the eemy duellists again won the bonds for mostdamage like allways. and other chars are not able to take this 9 bonds in one fights u have to be duellist
- i hit so many other players by 240 till nearly 400dmg and i havent put in a buff, just useuall golden gun, so i think the actually taken update does not change anythink. healthpoits are still the best or nearly the best. i expectet to miss many many shoots or dodge nothing, but nothing of this happend

duellists win the dmg bonds all day, and soldiers the bonds for dodging. not realy fair but normal since month/years

i quess for take some advantage till now best skill must be not more then 7500hp for premiumsoldiers, but actually still 14.000hp is realy realy good and u will get maximum exp. and many bonds for skill that each battle

so i quess u must change much much more to change battles realy
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The West Team
Dev Team
Well the only different thing i saw was that i could hit a full hp guy for 387hp... but i got hit from him for 343.

So the battles are still the same thing as before.
If you spec with lots of hiding in an attack, you're gonna have a bad time :p


again me

one question: the cm with 32.000hp nearly miss all day, cause he isnt wearing some cloth, possible that cloth and buffs are to strong?

can we do a fight like today without any items only weapons? so we can find out if fort battle formular net rebalance for clothing first, before change skill balance

nearly each player with more then 13.000hp (premium useing soldiers) hit more then miss and dodge realy good, so they all show: ho still is the best skill


thanks bisser. Now I can see diggo put carl's as an example.

well, battle today is comparable to the worst I've done (I have not reskilled yet).

160 leader
160 stamina
100 aim
103 evasion
74 hiding
6210 hp

7 hits, 14 misses. The hit is good whenever I get it right. Just missed too much. It took me 8 rounds for the 1st hit and I was close to the wall and had a worker on ground. Then an adventurer in wall. Then went up north and aimed big sector, adventurer again. It was a festival of misses. Not normal when comparing to old formula, a lot worse than last week's formula.

14 hits taken, 9 dodges. Also bad. When I went afk, I stayed behind to block pistol. I was expecting more dodging but I took almost everything:
Round 22 has begun, the next round begins in 87 seconds.
andrezz has hit you for 919 damage.
Benji has hit you for 993 damage.
Marshall Eric has hit you for 401 damage.
Zlobniy tip has hit you for 991 damage.
Nasadam has hit you for 329 damage.
CharlieBryant has hit you for 316 damage.
Deti has hit you for 308 damage.
ted schliessmuskel shot at you, but missed.
Tamplieros has hit you for 307 damage.
OneTouch has hit you for 331 damage.
mclittle shot at you, but missed.
You have advanced.
You shot at CharlieBryant, but missed.

2 dodges out of 11 shots.


The West Team
Dev Team
160 leader
160 stamina
100 aim
103 evasion
74 hiding
6210 hp
Although I expect your leadership and stamina will be worthwhile, the influence of aiming and dodging has not changed at all, so personally I would move most of those points back to health.


Class: Adventurer
341 stamina
400 leadership
38 aiming
35 dodging

yes, build for attack. => 24 hits and 5 missed => 8760 dmg, 1st from attackers. i had nice shots, only 300+ and few 400+, with Chinga's gun.
And 29 dodged with 3340 hp

is not a big difference, but "+" for changes.


Adventurer (premium medal activated for this battle)

more classical build with 5260 HP
185 stamina
160 leadership
27 aim
23 dodge

16 hits and 13 misses for 4964 damage (precise winchester + buff: 30-30, 3+ fort attack)
taken 13 hits and dodged only 5 shots
did not ghosted during a battle


Okay, this part with resistance is very senseless...

Resistance = (1200 / 30000) * 1000^0.5
Resistance = 0.04 * 31.622776601683
Resistance = 1.264911064067
a simply mathematic thing:

More Stamina, more resistance.
put we in 500 Stamina (without strenght), then the character has 1290 LP
= about 23

23 less damage a shot.
with 1290 LP you can get with average damage of 300 5 hits till death,
thats 115 lp you save in one fortbattle.

now we say the player puts some skill in strenght and have 2600 lp.
then we have 625 Stamina
= about 12,5
double lifepoints, half resistance
means you can get double hits, but save per hit half of the lp of case one.
12,5 lp per shot, 10 shots = 125 lp.

when I double now the lp with holding the stamina on 625 , I will get everytime the same saved lps
6,25 per shot, 20 shots = 125lp (but in reality, the stamina gets less, when the lp gets more, so te saved lps would get less too)

In the end we see, 125 lp is the maximum of saved lps in one fortbattle, it doesn´t matter wich skill you have, more is inpossible.
and only if you have an absolut stamina/hiding skill.
So it doesn´t make any different to before.
I hope my bad english is understandible an you get, what I proved.


with 15k LP:
= about 1
a player with 15k lp can get 30-50 hits in one fortbattle, it depends on criticals,
but even with very rarely 50 hits, you save 50 lp, or with 30 hits 30lp.
So, if you want to save 10, 20, 30 up to 95 lp more a fortbattle you must give up thousands of lp...
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With my best stats with bumposs set.

Damage: Weapon + (Weapon * Leadership / MaxHP)
Actually...Golden gun: 232+ (232 * 130 / 7300) = 232 + (232 *0.01)=232+4.13 = 236.13 (is it my new damage?
another example... with minimun
with HP reduced...Golden gun: 232+ (232*256 / 2000) = 232 +( 232 *0.128)= 232 + 29=
261.69 (is it my minimun new damage?

Resistance: (1200 / MaxHP) * (Stamina OR Hiding)^0.5
actually...(1200/ 7300 ) * ( 243)^0.5= (o.16)(15.58)= 2.49 (its the damage that will be reduced?)
with HP reduced...(1200/2000)*(243)^0.5= (o.6)(15.58) =9.34

I don´t think the changes are so significant :eek: the HP will be important in battles yet
with this and other examples, you can see that life will still be relevant in battles
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