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New Battle Formula Feedback

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henry j.

Did you guys adapt my idea , changed it a bit but its nice :)

I got a completly different proposal to add.

Bare with me if its a lousy idea ;)

Just for the skills aim and dodge.
Give a percentage of higher damage - lower damage in those skills for fortbattles ?


25aim = +1% weapon damage
50aim = +2% weapon damage
75aim = +3% weapon damage
250aim= +10% weapon damage and cape it

25 dodge = -1% damage for the shot taken
50 dodge = -2% damage for the shot taken
75 dodge = -3% damage for the shot taken
250 dodge = -10% damage for the shot taken and cape it


Staff Sergeant
When activate this?

In addition to the altered formula to calculate attack and defend values, we will also be introducing a brand new formula. Similar to duelling, this will allow you to increase your damage per shot as well as resistance to damage, not only chance to hit. Providing additional skill points in leadership, stamina or hiding will influence these calculations, however health points will directly reduce your effectiveness. In combination with the previous changes, once ready, we hope you will enjoy creating a build no longer dependant on heavy HP!


It appears we're ready to show you a rudimentary version of 2.05! So far, the most obvious change is the introduction of a new town building, the cinema. (In addition to the travelling fair [highlight]and fort battle changes[/highlight], of course.) More to come next week :)
--from announcements - so I guess it's already active?


The change detailed above is being activated as we speak! ... (The damage and resistance bonuses will not be shown in the window yet, but they will be working behind the scenes.)
..either some decent 54 dodging / 67 hiding / 48 aiming / 72 leadership are not enough for a defender to see some effect (all shots within gun's range), or I've just been unlucky, or something isn't working as expected :D

moon boy

Today with the first real battle I used my old build (6400 hp, 150 stamina and all other skills around 80) as a dueller, in attack. And I have to say I didn't noticed any difference.
Tomorrow I will reskill to a build with more stamina, hiding and leadership. I hope that will be better

Oh, and some people told me we recieve a free reskill when the new formula is coming to the normal worlds. Is it true?
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The West Team
Dev Team
You can see the formula now, so you can examine it for yourself. Indeed, if you have many points in aiming or dodging, it would be advantageous to move most of them to the other three fort skills.


Is it me or is 1200 a bit low?

I know the purpose was to give HP-Tanks a disadvantage, but in theory I see a couple of (minor) issues.

To me it looks like (in theory ofcourse) having lower HP wil give a better resistance-bonus. Only problem with this is that lower HP-fortfighters always hang back because of the low HP (hiders, snipers etc.). So it seems a double edge sword, because I think most fortfighters will have a double disadvantage because of it (high HP --> lower resistance, also they still be at the front of the battles because lower HP's still hang back).

Second issue: how does this work out for soldiers (or premium soldiers), they get a 50% or 100% bonus on HP automatically, so they get another penalty with the new formula? (premium soldiers even more).

Personally I think the 1200-value should be around 2000 to 3000, the number of HP most players in game have, then lower HP get a little extra bonus and LP-Tanks still get a disadvantage.

grtz Far ;)


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Elite Tester
It's not total HP but only points on HP. So there is no difference with soldiers and premium soldiers


The new formula is a bit hard to understand. Can someone give an example of how it really works?
+what if the value of HP is 0?
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What exactly the resistance do? If it's only (damage - resistance), it's useless. I could have 560 hp and resistance 33 or 1000 hp and resistance 18...


good afternoon
some can give an example to be easier to understand, with the respective formula.
The table is the same bonus?



Let's say pure NON-fighter doing average damage with golden gun and some 200 leadership:
Damage: 300 + (300 * 200/2000) = 300 + 30

Bonus of 30 is small, but better to make small tweaks until right balance is found.

I'm not sure how resistance effects something. With average todays soldier with 12.000hp and 60 stamina/hiding, i get resistance factor of 0.7.
What does this mean? All damage is resisted by 0.7%?

On the other hand, your todays average non-fighter (2000 hp and 130 stamina/hiding) gets number of around 7 for resistance. So 7% of damage inflicted is resisted? Or not % but 7 hp less?

Maybe more important would be to make pure HP players very very difficult to dodge anything thus making it not worthwhile going for pure hp. Afterall biggest problem is killing HP.
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