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My Ideas

Discussion in 'Saloon' started by Don Coreggon, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. Don Coreggon

    Don Coreggon Reservist

    Apr 21, 2017
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    Hello there!

    I was thinking about the-west lately and I have come up with some ideas I want to present to you.

    1. New craft recipes
    These would be recipes 700+ and it would include recipes for wearable items which would compose sets (obviously). Every craft's items would add different bonus stats and I was thinking about something like Field cook's set would grant bonuses to Dexterity and skills like Fine motor skill, then Tonic Peddler's set would grant Charisma, Trading, Appearance, Shooting, Blacksmith's set would benefit with Strength, Vigor, Toughness, and finally the Master Saddler's set would grant Mobility, Horseback RIding... Don't have to be exactly like that but you get my point. Originally I wanted the sets to be designed like each set would grant bonuses one for forts, one for duels, other for trading, building, riding... Also I would set the level needed to wear these items to 140, but the bonuses would be granted per level. I would suggest each item to require a lot of products from along all the crafts, and I think this would revive the game a little.

    2. Duel bonuses
    So I have been watching the duels for my whole play in last year and I found out that the best class for duelling is not the Dueller at all. Therefore I suggest all the classes could have some duel bonuses, just like all of them have Fort battle bonuses. In this proposal I was thinking of something like the Adventurer would grant bonus attack value, the Dueller maybe bonus Appearance or bonus Damage as the opposite to the Soldier and the Worker maybe bonus defence value.

    Finally I want to praise these snowballs, it's a really cool event though I have recieved only **** items :D but I can get along with that :D I think things like pumpkins or the snowballs should be added to every tombola and somehow combine them, that would even make tombolas more fun.

    That is all I had to share right now, any suggestions and discussions are welcomed :)
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  2. asdf124

    asdf124 Reservist

    Oct 24, 2014
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    I like your proposal and the intentions after this. However, in .net server I play 9-10 worlds and finding 40 snowballs/pumpkins have so far been a great challenge with a lot of pain :D .

    I like your idea and hopefully I could help feedback it better. Just my initial thoughts about your idea :) .

    Thanks for the contribution :)
  3. JustAMoment

    JustAMoment Reservist

    Feb 14, 2017
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    Well im hoping not just for "duel bonuses", even fort battle bonus need some balance, so im hoping the planned (innoTv dec.) rework of characters is gonna bring something exciting and new on its own. Game needs some update/rework to bring something new. Not sure about recipe idea tho. For me its like something i dont need ingame with all those sets already there..