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Hi guys,
since this game became clearly PAY TO WIN nowdays, every year repeating the same stupid events like Western Friday 2020, where you offer literally trash from previous years for enormous amount of nuggets - which literally give less abilities than free sets, I would like to point out that rewards for buying nuggets are too low.

Currently there are only 3 rewards (Achievements) for spending nuggets - 50,200 and 1000 and those rewards are some stupid chests, which are worthless.
What I mean by all this is that you should update these Achievements - REWARD MORE these players who spent nuggets on this stupid game. I know players who spent thousands, tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands nuggets and I dont think that these 3 chests cover it all.

F.E you could add reward for spending 2000 nuggets - golden nugget glasses (AVATAR).



Master Sergeant
On a side note, there was an Automation feature in development that was allowing "mass crafting in 1 go" and it was almost released but got "delayed" so far.

Such not-game changing things would be good imo.
Much better than P2W sets anyway.
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