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New Issue Money bonus doesn't work


Hello !

Me and one of my friends tested money bonus from sets and from dollar boost bottle(buff).
It doesn't work. As I know, you can receive an amount equal with max 1/3 from enemy cash.
My friend had in hand $ 2,000,000.00, that mean I can get max $ 666,667 .
So he had this cash, I equipped Skarunyate's weapons set which gives you 25% money from jobs and duels, as clothes I had Juan Ponce de Leon's set which gives you 30% money from jobs and duels and as animal set i had Bill Doolin's horse and saddle which gives you 25 % money from jobs and duels. More than that, I used dollar boost( it gives you 25% money from job and duels). If I sum all of these, i'll get 105 % money from jobs and duels. This bonus applied at max, 666,667 ~ means $1,366,665.
I attacked him and in final I got the results:

He lost $ 666,666 after duel.


I won $ 666,667 after duel.


Where is bonus? How is applied ?
So, I understand from this test:
-players paid a lot of money for sets which bonus doesn't work in game? We can contest our payments for the sets which we bought.
-dollar boost is really a useless buff.
-i'm not sure if the bonus from dollar boost works for jobs.

Game version: beta version b6bcb1f 2018/05/02
Game world: alamogordo
Browser + version: Chrome - version - I don't know
Screen resolution:
Account name: catalin1994


Yes, but how I'll get 10,000 $ more if I have 105% bonus ?
Something is wrong here...
SOmething would be wrong if you won 105% more than what he has,

105% would mean that you can get a pushing scheme to gain millions.

IE, I can just have 20m on hand, wait for a friend to duel me. He gets 105% more of 1/3'rd and up to 20% more if dueler.

That would mean 6.66m+ in profits. If dueler, it would mean 20% more.


the victim should just lose what is nomal 1/3...
the game should pay up for the bonusses and not the victim