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Missing Quest giver

Discussion in 'World 3 (Enewetak)' started by Afusiw, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Afusiw

    Afusiw Guest

    I have searched the whole map, but didn't fount the "Mrs. Anderson" quest giver in the Wasteland quests. As I already finished the previous quests, but cannot find Mrs. Anderson, so not able to continue the quest.
    Any idea, please?
  2. Afusiw

    Afusiw Guest

    I didn't get another quest from Waupee (A dangerous journey) wich must be juste before the Mrs. Anderson quest.
  3. Afusiw

    Afusiw Guest

    Issue solved. I didn't see that I have first to finish the last quest of Waupee ( A lon Journey)
    Can be closed
  4. Phoenix251

    Phoenix251 Guest

    I am not able to find the quest giver The old Jacob in the adventurers quest can anyone let me know where i can find him?