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Maneuver Bug (not sure if its an intended feature)

Angel Elite

Version : 2.56
Gameworld: Alamogordo
Browser : Firefox Version : Newest
Screenshot = The message
Account Name: Angel Elite
Reproducibility: 4/5 It hapens only when a battle is running
Current Situation: Maneuvers cannot be started during the countdown timer of the fortfight
Expected Situation: Maneuvers should be able to start when the fortfight countdown is started
Userscripts : Tw.db Clothcalc

Reproduction Steps:
Fortfight start
With Deff starting maneuver
Error Maneuver could not be started there is already a maneuver running wait for this one to be over.

Short description:
I found a bugg with the maneuver during fortbattle countdown it is not possible to start one because one is running and we didnt start one so that is kinda weird

The screenshot is uneditted and with the message that is showing


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Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
Alright. Let me see if I understand this correctly. The problem is that you can't start a maneuver on a fort while an attack has been initiated at the same fort?


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
imho it looks like it's intended to be like this. Eventually have a different error message, but you should definitely not be able to start a maneuver while an attack has been initiated :p.


Former Team Member
Strange things happen when a battle and a maneuver are running at the same time from the same fort, so I think it's for the best :p