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Lincoln's set


I got a feeling that we can get this set same like the Carnival's set at Easter Event. Instead of Carnival Peacock Feather from jobs, we must find Easter Eggs...
then where are the other sets?
event has one with amount of eggs and 3 in the event itself?
but there is only one set left in database at the moment
so??? my best guess? cause of the OP stats? it will be a money buy set, not even with nuggets in the buy.
like they did one or two times before


Outlaw rifle^3 + 4 on everything = 16 attris and 436-462 damage
Penns Gun^3 +8 on everything = 32 attris and 416-442 damage
Lincoln cannon^0 + 12 on everything = 48 attris and 400-420 damage (+ 3 att/deff :D)

If Lincoln realy cames with this stats, you must reduce the influence of the attributes in adv around 50%-60% and bring new guns in the veteran shop with similar stats. The system is basend on weapons like the outlaw rifle and the range revoler with 9-16 atributs and not for a weapon with 48 attributs. :no:

Victor R.S.

More sets coming soon, 4 for event eater and 1 set weapons

Outlaw is easier to purchase with veteran points. If Linconl set get with nuggets, more difficult Cannon^3, no?