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Level Cap Raise Feedback


Private First Class
The new horses doesn't give speed bonus :P
And all moneys all gone for bags. It'll be hard to collect new items :)


The West Team
Dev Team
Can you give us the updated exp-to-level-up table with exact numbers? :)
I might update the wiki next week with the new values. There is a known quirk that due to the shift in formula, there is a large gap between levels 120 and 121, so I am not sure if it will change in some way. For now you should get a general idea by looking at the rankings.


The West Team
Dev Team
Yes, level 150 currently requires 20,332,771 XP. It's designed to be alot; there would be no point if everyone woke up at the new level cap already.


Private First Class
I am not sure if new player will be happy when the see 20kk experience for 150 lvl.


The West Team
Dev Team
I am not sure if new player will be happy when the see 20kk experience for 150 lvl.
Because the experience required is exponential, it's not too difficult to get within reach of these higher level players fairly quickly. I recall level ~78 used to be the old halfway point to level 99, now level 142 is the new halfway point to level 150. It's alot easier to compete eight levels behind than twenty one.


First impression, it looks good.

More opinion when i see:
- new EXP table (as already requested), but level 142 being mid-point sounds nice
- list of new achievements available (except collections which are obvious)
- rewards of new jobs (like new best luck job maybe, or if most of common builds get equal opportunity to gain XP with jobs), hopefully tw-db will get updated soon


I'm mostly curious about new horses and fort guns, but not many towns have upgraded their buildings yet and horses don't have speed (yet?)


Private First Class
I'm glad they finally raised the level limit... It opens up the game again for those who were sitting at 120 for months/years.

I am curious as to what happened to the money on the 15 second jobs tho... Now the max seems to be about $20? Wasn't the whole purpose behind the 15 second "click monkey" jobs supposed to be so active peeps had something to do and they would make it worth their while to sit there and click click click click...?


just wanted to ask from which archaeological excavation site you stole those horses? the "yuma" and "shoshone" look like some prehistoric animal brought back to life with indian magic.
and the pueblo looks like a newborn foal which can barely walk, let alone carry me. talking about animal cruelty here :whistle:

but i guess any feedback on the graphics won't change anything, we still got the ugly westwars items (did anyone like them at all?) and now we'll get a third charge of clothes which are far from harmonizing with the old ones.

what i saw from the new jobs (not that much, but some statements in the chat) looks good, and i look forward to them.
adding the exp to calc the new levels was the best you could do, it'll still take a lot of time to get to 150 for most of us.


Did you guys take consideration the daily bonus?
I mean the last 8 levels would belike 9-10 million points. I'm pretty sure, to level 150 you need at least 2, but it could be 3 million exp.

If you are a active player, you get let say 10000 exp each day… (well, you might be not a really active, but just an active player :))
It would take 300 days to go up that one level.

BUT there is this daily login bonus, that help you. Each 50 days you get a level… I don't mean it's bad, and that it is fast, at least full premium, hyperactive guys don't get that big advantage… But just a note...



work as a trapper 101 pocket knife
work as a piano player 102 music sheet
guide greenhorns 103 bottle of milk
Construct a lazarett 104 bandages
work as translater 105 dictionary
compete at arm wrestling 106 raw egg jar
harvest peppers 107 green peppers
work as gravedigger 108 skull
work as bodyguard 109 perforated hat
metling bullets 110 large caliber bullet
track big game 111 antlers
work as embassador 112 public documents
plan a reservat 113 ceremonial staff
colonialize new areas 114 border stone
work as a gunslinger 115 bullet casings
work for a loge 116 signet ring
work as a stage performer 117 big panties
work as a peace officer 118 white gloves
work as a preacher 119 dogma
build a settlement 120 tongs
recruiting soldiers 121 emblem
order troops 122 drill trumphet
hunt aligators 123 crocodile skin
destille alkohol 124 vodka
lead a trading office 125 bad with a common product
craft dynamite 126 blasting machine
lead an expedition 127 record
work for Wells Fargo 128 horse reins
work as Pinkerton agent 129 Pinkerton emblem
explore the west 130 sextant


Private First Class
I still thinking about achievements :D
Only 10 points for collecting each all new clothes ;o? I think it's little too low ... Or little nice reward in future like collector set v2 :whistle:?

And why new jobs are only in middle of the map ;o?