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June Lottery

Al35ul CM

The West Team
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

It is now time for the June Lottery contest, giving some of our players here the chance to win some decent, but cool items. The contest is quite similar to the ones we have already ran.
For those of you who will be participating for the first time, below are the mechanics, rules and prizes:

  • Mechanics
  1. The winning numbers will be between 1-20
  2. Five random numbers will be chosen between 1 and 20. As a contestant, you need to submit a ticket with your chosen 5 numbers and win prizes according to how many you get right.
  3. All winning numbers are unique, thus no number is drawn twice.
  • FYIs
1. Each player can only submit one entry for the contest (i.e. can only participate once).
2. The number 0 (zero) is not included in the lottery.
3. Please create a ticket with the title ''The West Beta June Lottery Contest'' when submitting your entry.
4. Once you have submitted your entry, you cannot change the chosen numbers.

  • Prizes
The prizes you can win are are dependant on how many numbers you get right, as follows:

1 number = 25 Bonds
2 numbers= 75 Bonds and a Can of Spinach
3 numbers = 75Nuggets, 100 Bonds and a Fortune Cookie
4 numbers= 200 Nuggets, 50 Bonds, and a choice between Howdah Pistol OR Golden Tomahawk
5 numbers= 500 Nuggets, 200 Bonds, and a Classic Avatar

From all of the entries with 2 or more correct numbers, one player will be chosen at random and will receive 5 Wonder Tinctures. Note that everyone is eligible for this prize, thus if you have won any of the rewards above, you can still win this one as well.

As always, this thread will remain open for any questions and/or feedback, but please note that any entries submitted in this thread will not be considered.

The deadline of the contest is June 14th at 23:59 CET - the winners will be announced soon after.

Good luck,
Your The West Team


The West Team
Below you can find the results of the June Lottery contest:

The winning numbers are:


Player NameChosen numbersAmount of winning numbers
Cole Thornton4-6-9-13-16 1
Jeremiah Johnson19-16-20-15-70
John Wick4-18-7-12-191
Lapper 3-5-9-11-162
Mr. Dronton4-8-14-16-191
Podw Jasper4-8-10-16-181
RazLaBuse2-17-5-8-12 2
Rocket.1-6-9-13-17 2
Sorinel Desteptul1-5-14-17-202

Extra Prize: From all of the entries with at least 2 correct numbers, an entry will be drawn at random to win 5 Wonder Tinctures: 0747marius

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating. If you are one of the player who has guessed at least one number right, please send us a ticket to claim your prize. :)