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Items that aren't but should be upgradable

Discussion in 'Versions 2.28 - 2.39' started by Diggo11, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. Hobie

    Hobie Private First Class

    Sep 19, 2013
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    lol that is the truth. their eyes light up over the nugget price just enough to be blind to the branded stamp of beta...
  2. foscock

    foscock Reservist

    May 12, 2013
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    Read above and tell me where I said the number 3.

    So you are asking that a tiny minority of players are allowed to upgrade a weapon that is already very powerful, when used correctly? Forgive me if I say I don't think that should be a priority.

    Really? There are thousands with a golden gun. let's all get out the pitchforks and torches and storm the InnoGames headquarters demanding the GG be the baddest FF gun in the game!
  3. xShteff

    xShteff Master Sergeant Former Team Member

    Jun 4, 2010
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    Of course someone like The-Iceman would agree with something like this, when he plays on the Beta servers as a Main world, and he would have the chance of "making others' life miserable" (as he likes to say it) by spending just 2k nuggets, or 10k, to have it upgraded all the way to level 5. Would it be a problem? Not on the Public-Beta servers, where you get three times more nuggets for the same price!

    Don't get me wrong, The-Iceman, I'm not saying this because I couldn't upgrade both guns myself if this was a thing, or I wouldn't like it. But sometimes, I need to think about others' requests, and stop being so greedy.

    Even if I did purpose to make the GT and Howdah upgradeable (first or second reply on this thread), I did it because I believed that all items should be upgradeable, but not like this. It would be just too easy.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2015
  4. Bluep

    Bluep Guest

    Back to the original topic: The 3 new tombola sets (Scout / Builder / Prospector) are neither auctionable nor upgradeable; while the first one is already known as usual for new items by now - is the latter one intended (or only due to automatic categorization of level<20-items)?
  5. Diggo11

    Diggo11 The West Team Dev Team

    Apr 22, 2009
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    Main Server:
    They will be upgradable soon.
  6. Just a thought.... making the GT and Howdah upgradeable is pretty egregious. But changing the damage from 100-200 to 150-200 makes them still worth all the coveting that they were once worth, without really getting an advantage over what one can upgrade to in the town shops.