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Issue with repeatable holiday quests


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One of my friends posted this issue on .NET forum and she has a good point. All of repeatable holiday quests have same title and during event times lots of quests show up in saloon. It takes some time to find out which questline im doing.. annoying for sure. Thats why i wanted to share it on beta forum also.

They say that HOPE DIES LAST, but my hope about this has died long time ago... so long ago, but i will try it once more..... maybe my 15th try of asking this will be a charm one! I also was told that this will be passed / was passed to development team (this was over 1 year ago)....


It is so easy!! It can be so easily done before each event questline starts... for God's sake and of your players sanity sake DO IT!

This Valentine event is such a great example of it! How many of you know that we atm have 5 different repeatable questlines open:
1. "Valentines day"
2. "Gone with Valentines day"
3. "Love is in the air"
4. "One foolish Romeo"
5. "Provincial doctor" - this year started few days before Valentines day
6. ....i kinda have a feeling that i'm missing one [hmmm]

And to just make it a bit more sweeter for us... we have a completely new questline that also with first 5 listed above started on same day: "Together till the end"....total of 6


For a change, do something that 99,9 % of us players will find it very useful game update! Change the names of repeatable holiday quests to something so simple:
1. "REPEATABLE Valentines day"
2. "REPEATABLE Gone with Valentines day"
3. "REPEATABLE Love is in the air"
4. "REPEATABLE One foolish Romeo"


....under 1 % of people reads questline txt and search for clue of what to do and where to go (though clues in txt are often misguiding) and all rest just go for days clicking around map OR asking in saloon chats OR sending tickets to mods OR reporting and asking questions here!
All OR stated in last sentence are a bit irritating to all of us that see those questions asked all over places and many of us just don't bother to reply since we are bored with giving so many replies and it's irritating and we are tired of repeating it for 6th time! We just gave reply in saloon chat and minute after a new person asks same questions again!!
No, people don't use search in forum, they just make new topic with same question... and they all ask same questions in saloon chats all over worlds and tehy all send tickets asking same questions....

So... save us all playing this game and DO BOTHER WITH THIS ISSUE AND GET IT DONE!

Respectfully to all...
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Could you please.. Remove "Sleep" requirement from the quests that show up during Event times though..
Or just let it be .. "sleep 2 hours" .. or something..

Full 8 or even 6 hours sleep is meh..

(On a side note, enough "Exploration" already pls :D)
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