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International Fort Battle Championship 2020


The West Team

Dear Fortfighters,

Over two years ago, we had our last Fort Battle International Championship, with 17 participating teams from all over the world! And as we heard, you are already waiting for the third edition!

That is why we’ve decided to host the completely reworked International Championship this year.

After giving it some thought, our specialists came up with several new ideas to make this year’s Championship even more exiting for the players!

To take part in the championship you need to
  • Register an account on our event server https://www.events.the-west.net/ - Some of you might already have an account there. In this case you do not need to register a second time.
  • Find a team.
before 22.03.2020

The tournament starts on 06.04.2020 with the preparation stage.

As the beta server will not provide a team, please refer to your local announcements for more information on how to apply to their team.

We hope to see you on the battleground.

Your The West Team


The West Team
First place:
  • Special achievement: IFBC3 Gold
  • 300 nuggets
  • Fort battle clothing set
  • Fort battle weapon set
  • Fort battle animal set

Second place:
  • Special achievement: IFBC3 Silver
  • 200 nuggets
  • Fort battle clothing set

Third place:
  • Special achievement: IFBC3 Bronze
  • 100 nuggets
  • Fort battle animal set

Participation reward
We will also reward every participating player and team with a special prize, no matter if you reach the tournament phase and when you get kicked out of the championship.