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Independence Day Discussion


Private First Class
Ah, I misread. Changing your character class is indeed something that won't happen but changing the already existing bonuses of character classes may happen in the future.
So if I choosed 14 years ago the adventurer (because 14 years ago the adventurers bonuses were good) but now I wanted to play as a soldier I need to register one multi account?


why are the potion and premium chest still in 48k categorie?
InnoGames really doesn't give a crap about the players
those 2 are hardly worth to be in categorie 2
its a total disrespect for the active players to put those 2 crap items again and again in categorie 48k
could be a great game...... without the current people behind it making crap and crap again
friends button? crap
new achievements? crap cause players that play a year or longer have all that crap except the bears.
useless updates again and again

Uchiha Madara

In general no SHOP chests should be in any category..

Heres an idea: Instead of Glossy Prem chest or the other useless junk chests that you 100% sell anything you get from it to the trader , add previous event chests/sets/parts , only in Independence day and DotD we are able to get older sets( correct me if im wrong ) but all other events don't give stuff like this , add avatars in categories respectively to the event , make avatars to be able to sell them as much the game sells them ( 200 bonds ) add more bond letters which are actually more useful than a junk chest or a skill poition.
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aren't you really ashamed ??? .... please compare the event winner weapon bonus now with the last 20 event winner weapon bonuses ... what news did you come to this event with? ... how do you think you motivate the players to motivate themselves to play at the final prize? .... to be ashamed of all of you who are able to make decisions in this game!


The West Team
aren't you really ashamed ??? .... please compare the event winner weapon bonus now with the last 20 event winner weapon bonuses ... what news did you come to this event with? ... how do you think you motivate the players to motivate themselves to play at the final prize? .... to be ashamed of all of you who are able to make decisions in this game!

If you have any specific requests about what kind of bonuses, damages, or skills you want to see on upcoming event winners' weapons, feel free to share them with us! You can do that here, sending us a private message in the forum or sending us a ticket.


what i dont understand why event rifles are like no lvl rifles that you win for free?? if your paying to win the event weapons.. shouldnt they be considerd like a lvl 2 regular upgraded weapon set? with damage and skills.. like i see event weapons that deal crap damage in duels and fortfights.. only thing good for ffs from them is just the bouns and for duels the extra bit skills.. but damage always sucks fr..




How can you get away with this? Yes the new sets give us + 68 more trading but less luck, money and job points. And that + 68 trading doesnt even matter when you have these sets cause it does not increase the drop chance at certain jobs significantly ( f.e. lead trading office

I have 3 questions from this:
1) What do you even get from this?
Players wont spend nuggets on this sets cause its literally worse than 2 years old sets that are in the game.
2.) Whats the point on buying nuggets and spending money on this event when literally we have better sets right now?
3.) Why are sets from 2019-2020 better than sets from 2021-2022? Why should we even contribute to this events to get this bad items?


Master Sergeant
Very Very Strange Constellation. Part is 2020 Good okay Better. And 2022 Will Be Very Very Bad. It's a shame that the set gets worse after 2 years :annoyed:


I have proposed several times to increase the number of work or trade points so that at least the set would be better at (dropped) items value if not bonuses, it wouldn't have been great, but at least it would have been useful for something. But to no avail, it's obvious that they listen to the most stupid and unargumented proposals intentionally to have the excuse that they made the sets based on player feedback.


Master Sergeant
I think instead of guessing that many players have lost track. That's why they bad in instead of researching and writing anything where they missed. So it seems to me. Since I find very very good what Bisop had done with the comparison as proof. So you can see that a few wrong lie

Uchiha Madara

We can compare a lot of new sets with old sets and we can see some big differences ( mostly new sets being worse than older ones ) why is that? Only reason I can find is the following:

They released Union Officer, they made it very OP , the lucky players got their hands on it , some spent even thousands and upgrade it , in short UO destroyed fort battles balance, they then introduced another broken set Cortina , they realised this time that the balance was even worse than before and they nerfed Cortina and buffed tower bonuses , too late , UO already did it's job , tower bonuses and Cortina was the cherry on the top.

Moral of the story , they realised after the introduction of UO and Cortina got so much backlash they now fear to release a strong/OP set so they won't have the same backlash, guess what though, you already have the backlash for not releasing something good for the past 2 YEARS , 2021 was by far the worst year regarding sets , the only good set was Josephine for duels , all other sets very bad or mediocre.

InnoGames should understand that it's possible to restore the balance by bringing back the old tower bonuses , leave Cortina as it is or nerf it a little bit more ( not needed though if towers get fixed ) , introduce a set worthy of UO if you don't want to sell it again and finally have a good set that can rival cortina in attacks , you did the mistake of the tower bonuses , the majority if not all fort fighters want that bonuses to either get lowered or get back to where they were.

Then when you release new sets , you don't have to make them OP but just slightly better or very slightly worse , not worse by a mile or worse than a 2017 set , come on...


Master Sergeant
When will there be an attacker set worthy of El Grino`s set? EL Gringo is a strong defense set like Union and Cortina. But the John Bull`s for the attack. Is not much werd!



i beat jos any day in my perry outfit
Because both sets are for attack and you have an advanage with perry against josephine if you are the one attacking, objectively, josephine's is the better set. It has more skill points. You can combine josephine's better than perry's. If you want more appearance, you just use few tailor's items with josephine's or josephine's + perry's for full appearance + aiming mode. Full perry is useless, the shirt and hat are too bad to be used.