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[IDEA]-Wanted option.


:) It's a simple idea.

In the sheriff's office, each player can make the choice that if attacked, the assaulted will automatically hang up a poster of "wanted". As follows: Have an option to apply a form where the player imposes the reward, the amount the player want, if you want either by duel or fainting. When the player is attacked, automatically the poster "Wanted" hangs in the office, with the amount of the reward posted by the applicant. And the money from the "wanted" is automatically removed from the player's account. If the player does not have enough money, the poster does not set.


Usually the bounty protection time goes up with each succesive bounty or as players add to a bounty that is not collected. For example a much hated player on world 1 is pengo. Well what would happen is that a thread would be created asking for mass action against her. If she happens to have no bounty protection up to 20 bounty will be placed on her. Each bounty placed increases her eventual bounty protection so that when she eventually gets ko'd/beaten she has a long bounty protection. I assume that is how it works as she had almost a 3 week bounty protection up to last week. But there is a lot of strange stuff going on there. So I am speculating a bit.

Anyway this will have to be addressed in your proposal as well.


So basically, you are too lazy to enter bounty yourself and want it to be automatic?