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[idea]:the final gamble an end to market woes


Proposal: New market function to improve fairness of market transactions that is concluded on a higher bid basis.

Detials: This happened to me for the so manied time. I see an item or items on the market that I want to buy it is marked "current bid only with no immediate purchase price. Today I bid on 7 bags of loot for 15000. Within 2 minutes of the end I sold many stuff in the mobile trader to place a bid of $15000. So I monitored this sale the whole time. When it was still at 3 seconds to go the item was still mine. But according to Da Twista 2 players placed higher bids than me within that 3 seconds. I got the report that I was outbid without an opportunity to defend my bid by placing a higher bid. Most players have gotten fed up with this system as its just a lottery who wins a popular item. So my amendment will function as follows. if a bid is displaced in the final minute, the displaced bidder and the "new" bidder is taking to a match off window were they can slug it out for the items. All bidders that was displaced or placed a bid in the final minute is taken to this window.

Offline players: Can indicate a "highest bid" when bidding this bids will be placed in front of online players from smallest to largest if larger than "final" current bid.

Online players: Throw 2 dices. The first dice determines your bidding position amongst online players. This is not a 6 numbered dice but have a once of position from 1 to number of online bidders.
The second dice determines how many times you may bid. So say you draw unlucky position 1 you may still have the final say if your the only player that throws the 6 (here we work with 6 numbered dices)
So in position the online players place their bid but may "end bidding" taking them from the queue. So maximum there is 6 rounds of bidding and players must each time place a bid higher than the current bid. They have a 30 seconds gap to place a bid.

So as you can see there will be a level of fairness as a player can throw a higher 2nd dice and have opportunity to make final bid or bid his opponents out with a high bid early on.

Screenies: Window with queue and 2 dices and 2 numbers besides each players name. Your name goes up in the queue as players bid until its your time to bid. So datagrid with player name and 2 numbers beside it. 2 Dices at start and a textbox to fill in your bid. Button to bid.

Meet guidelines: yes and I am not as much on the forums anymore to know if its been proposed.

Summary: Buyers have a transparent system for final bids. More like normal auction than current system of bid and pray. Sellers get higher prices not just the latest bid for their items.
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Snr Sarg

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nothing wrong with the current system.

If you know this happens all the time, why not outbid yourself in the final 2-3 seconds, that's what I do, usually works


i would in the above scenario but the players wanted to be sneaky and posted their bid in the last 3 seconds. I received the report after the bid has concluded. As I am in Africa I will have more lag meaning I will lose out every time I bid for an item as you suggest. That is just a further point that is indeed wrong with the system.

Usually I ignore these auctions.


nothing wrong with the current system.

If you know this happens all the time, why not outbid yourself in the final 2-3 seconds, that's what I do, usually works
Actually not a fair way to make auctions - people should be given some min to make another bid, when they are outbid.
Thats why i almost never bid on auctions...

I use to put my wanted on the forum, and find a price with the seller.

When i put things on the market i always put a buy now price, so people can buy the product if they want it.